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'I dream of killing' London terrorist Khalid Masood ‘always carried knife’
By Nicole Stinson / Published 25th March 2017
Terror struck the heart of London on Wednesday after Masood, who was born Adrian Russell Ajao, drove a 4x4 car into pedestrians along Westminster Bridge before forcing his way through the gates at the front of the Houses of Parliament.
Lee Lawrence, 47, who knew the maniac before the London attack, said the violent thug once held a knife to his throat.
Lee, who still lives in Northiam, told the Sun: “It was while he was inside that Ade turned to Islam.

“I only saw him once when he came out of prison. He was driving through the village, saw me and put his finger against his throat and made a slashing gesture.

“He loved scaring people. He got off on being the hard man.”

His former childhood pal Mark Ashdown, 52, said he was shocked by the news on Wednesday but confirmed Masood’s time in prison had changed him.

Maybe I don't frequent the MSM enough, but I haven't heard much about the the perp in this attack (may he have 72 Helen Thomases). Probably once US MSM realized there was no Prog-narrative supported by covering it, and that the perp was a Muslim, it became an instant "local story" (while one of those killed was an American, he was religious and from flyover country - MSM-folk don't much like Utah Mormons).
The Lounge / Re: BEER
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The DUmpster / Re: Primitives don't know jack squat
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Are DU-folk on an 8-year carousel? Impeachment-Treason-25th Amendment-Resign-Impeachment-Treason-25th Amendment-Resign-Impeachment-Treason-25th Amendment-Resign-...Impeachment-Treason-25th Amendment-Resign ...........

The definition of insanity.
Two-Thirds of Cancer Mutations Are Random and Unavoidable, Scientists Claim
Almost two-thirds of cancer mutations are caused by random DNA-copying errors during cell division and are impossible for us to avoid, regardless of lifestyle and the genes we inherit from our parents, according to new research.

The findings – which estimate that 66 percent of cancer mutations are effectively bad luck that we can't do anything about – support the conclusions of a controversial paper released in 2015 by the same researchers, which came under fire for appearing to suggest that there was nothing we could do to prevent various cancers.
"It is well-known that we must avoid environmental factors such as smoking to decrease our risk of getting cancer. But it is not as well-known that each time a normal cell divides and copies its DNA to produce two new cells, it makes multiple mistakes," says biostatistician Cristian Tomasetti.

"These copying mistakes are a potent source of cancer mutations that historically have been scientifically undervalued, and this new work provides the first estimate of the fraction of mutations caused by these mistakes."

For some reason, the more nuanced message that some cancers are preventable, while many/most are not is unpalatable in some sectors. Could it be folks like the nutritional "supplements" industry, organic food faddists, and Enviro-scare-mongers? Might Warmistas be worried that critical reexamination of "settled science" in one realm might lead to critical reexamination of their "settled science"?

Less seriously, this is a good reminder that we are all, to some degree, mutants.
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Shoutbox is back, doesn't create a pop-up.

I chat some, and post links to articles that I think are worth knowing about, but am not sure are thread-worthy, or articles I think are, but I lack the time to compose and post it.
What’s really hidden deep within all this intel squabbling
Nunes then briefed Trump at the White House, a violation of political protocol because he did not first tell committee Democrats. They went into immediate ​p​hoto-op orbit to — wait for it — distract from the actual revelation about their departed dear leader.

But forget such hissy fits. Also, ignore whether this supports Trump’s claim of being “wiretapped” by Obama.

We now know Obama administration intelligence operatives listened in on Trump aides’ conversations. We now know they illegally leaked the identities. And it’s not a stretch in this poisonous partisan environment to wonder if those intel encounters were truly incidental.

Or ​perhaps did the monitoring use foreign officials as mere covers to gather information, hopefully damning, on the Republican’s transition team and on this Trump usurper who had no business upsetting Clinton on Nov. 8?

The whole article is well worth reading. It presents the minimum, best-case scenario of what was happened: legal incidental contact; felonious leak of identities. What I quoted is at the end, and raises the very plausible - consistent with Obama's other usages of FISA - possibility of partisan usage of surveillance.
She probably can't even make a decent sammich . . . :whistling: :tongue:
The DUmpster / Re: Primitives don't know jack squat
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Just 24 business hours away.

And $10 . . . (Or is it €10?)
‘Women’s March' Organizer Is Leaving the Country—After Being Caught For Lying About Terrorism

One of the “Women’s March on Washington” and “Day Without a Woman” organizers, is being kicked out of the United States.

Rasmea Yousef Odeh failed to disclose on her U.S. visa form 20 years ago that she was convicted of murdering two Israeli students in a supermarket bomb attack and for an attempted bombing of the British Consulate in 1969.

After a 10-year prison term, Odeh was freed in a prison swap with Palestinians.

“Women’s March on Washington” and “Day Without a Woman” is organized by a terrorist. Go figure!  :mental:
General Discussion / Witches to cast spell on Trump … again!
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Witches to cast spell on Trump … again!

WASHINGTON – Among the angry liberals who refuse to accept the 2016 presidential election results that put Donald Trump in the Oval Office are witches who will be gathering at midnight on Sunday to cast spells.


They already tried last month to conjure up magic to remove him from office.

How about get over it!  :mental:
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