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I'd be interested to see the political leanings of nonessential vs. essential workers. I'd say essential employees have a much more conservative world view.
IMO, her story is fishy, :rimshot: . Why would a #Resist Dem be so credulous of something Trump said as to randomly swallow something containing, among other things, Chloroquine? I'm having a hard time believing she's that monumentally DUMB, and wonder whether this was actually a suicide or murder (with her taking a much lesser dose as camouflage).

Yep, that lady probably killed her husband on purpose.
Also, Trump mentioned that he was trying to coordinate with China in his State of the Union Address. That just happens to be around around the time Schiff was trying to get him thrown out of office.

Unfortunately, Nancy already destroyed that evidence.  :yahoo:
The DUmpster / Re: "I'll take Potty Training Alex"
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I guess that adds a whole new meaning to "eat shit and die"

 :lol: :lol:

So the DUMP finally got to a subject that they have some expertise, scatology.

 :lol: :lol:

H5 to both!!!!


 :cheersmate: I would say that it will happen, but I won't underestimate the stupidity and gullibility of people. Defeating the commies/socialists is a never ending battle.

Exactly. They will never give up and never stop. Like roaches, they will survive no matter what.
New York Unemployment Fund Nears Insolvency as Claims Skyrocket

New York's unemployment insurance is near insolvency. How are they going to pay all those unemployment benefits?

They will borrow it like every state will do.
The DUmpster / Re: "I'll take Potty Training Alex"
« Last post by jukin on Today at 05:52:43 PM »
So the DUMP finally got to a subject that they have some expertise, scatology.
The DUmpster / Re: My sister got a gov. check today for $986.
« Last post by I_B_Perky on Today at 05:43:50 PM »
Star Member Croney (2,302 posts)

My sister got a gov. check today for $986.
No idea what this means.
Was it net, did they take taxes out? I know it's income-related. Her husband is a retired federal employee and she's retired from a state job. I thought SS recipients were getting it by direct deposit. My husband and I are retired. Waiting to see what we get and how.

We will be using whatever we get to help our grandchildren who are out of work.

Means your sister made more than $75,000 last year, dummie.

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chilling chilling thought from John Avarosis -- why Trump is bogarting supplies



    John Aravosis 🇺🇸
    It just hit me. Trump is saving the strategic stockpile of medical resources for the red states when they finally start having problems. He’s going to let Blue State voters die, then curry favor with the Red.

    8:55 PM - Apr 3, 2020

Yep that's the plan dummie.  Seems the gulag camps under Bush failed to exterminate you cockroaches so we are gonna let the engineered virus from China kill you off.

So do us all a favor and off yourself right now.
    The debate over immigration is over: restriction wins.

    The debate over borders is over: they are needed.

    The debate over globalization is over: the era of autarky begins.

    The debate over Europe is over: it is a geographic expression, not a polity.

    The debate over global warming is over: it is irrelevant.

    The debate over international institutions is over: only nations matter.

    The debate over the People%u2019s Republic of China is over: it is a menace to the community of nations, not a member in good standing.

    Crisis is clarity.

This is not going to go the way the DUchebags think it is.  This CCP flu is going to kill all of their beloved pet communist concepts. And the regulatory environment is getting gunned down.

Oh I almost forgot the super woke state of Nuevo Yorky published their summary of the corona SARS virus and there were only men and women breakdowns.  NOT 55 flavors of mental illness.  So add another on to the death pyre. So the debate on 55 versions of mental illness and that there are just TWO GENDERS is over. Sanity and TWO GENDERS WON.
Also, the debate over private gun ownership is over; it is necessary, especially when seeing police forces overstretched and stricken with illness.
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