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« Last post by DUmpDiver on Today at 11:21:48 PM »
Next Trump should blow up a refinery in Houston and blame it on illegals.
« Last post by Skul on Today at 11:07:53 PM »
I wonder if they found any cinder blocks and chicken wire at  the Saudi oil fields.
The DUmpster / Re: About impeaching Justice Beer Bong Weenie Waver
« Last post by Skul on Today at 11:03:50 PM »
Their latest shiney word is "Sham".
« Last post by dutch508 on Today at 10:56:22 PM »
You knew this was coming...

Star Member malaise (195,343 posts)

Could the neo-cons and their allies have hit those oil facilities from Iraq
Seem very odd that Bolton leaves because the Con was planning a meeting with the Iranian leader and this happens days before the UN General Assembly.

I'm too old for this crap.

well, you are too stupid...

triron (14,266 posts)

1. I'm wondering if Bibi (Netanyahu) is behind it.



Star Member malaise (195,343 posts)

2. You too?

note my use of 'allies' but the reasoning would be the same as the neo-cons.
Is Cheney still in his crypt?

Star Member democratisphere (15,287 posts)

3. I am getting a whiff of the same rat(s)!

More and more collusion.

.... calling jews rats? Surely that's anti-semitic?   :???:

Star Member Baitball Blogger (32,208 posts)

4. You mean, like a reverse 9-11?

If so, what comes next? Saudis raise their oil prices and for the sake of the American economy, Trump offers to goes in to look for the people who launched the drones. They pick a fall guy, blow him or them up and Trump claims he won the war in time before the next election?



Newest Reality (4,577 posts)

5. Hmm...

In the realm of speculation, that is one possible scenario.

What I am tuned for is that any kind of conflict we get involved in between now and our next President could offer just what the Trump MisAdministration needs right now, as per what we saw with W. Jr's approval rating was dismal until that whole mess started and we hit Iraq.

So, there does seem to be some incentive here to get something going, no matter what is going on over there. I don't think it would be as short and sweet as you are speculating, though. Plus, well, it is my opinion that the MIC loves to justify, use and increase its expenditures, so there is an itchy trigger finger there.

W Jr. ?

This idiot knows dad's name was Geo. Herbert Walker Bush, right?



triron (14,266 posts)

7. Is that part of the reason the Air Force has been Subsidizing Trump?

since Barry was sitting in the oval office? Damn! That Trump is a crafty one!

Newest Reality (4,577 posts)

8. Well,

It's a Military-Industrial-Complex, so what do they have to do? Who are the stakeholders and what is at stake?

It is a rabbit hole when you look into it, but the general gist of it is really out in the open and the devil is in the details.

The DUmpster / Re: A quiet, respectful Bouncy
« Last post by Skul on Today at 10:54:30 PM »
Here is where I run up the flag
But, not wanting to get into a heated argument, I said nothing.
You little smarmy primitives rely on screaming and yelling.

The DUmpster / Re: A quiet, respectful Bouncy
« Last post by DUmpDiver on Today at 10:50:25 PM »
I pointed out he was in fact driving on democratic socialism (taxpayer funded public roadway) at this very moment.

So using this "logic" Saddam Hussein was a socialist because Iraq had public roads when he was in charge.
The DUmpster / About impeaching Justice Beer Bong Weenie Waver
« Last post by dutch508 on Today at 10:49:58 PM »
Star Member Stinky The Clown (60,764 posts)

About impeaching Justice Beer Bong Weenie Waver
We have time. Maybe even best to wait until we get the Senate back. WE impeach him in the House and then WE convict him in the Senate. There is no time limit, no rush since he is there for a looooong time. I prefer we want until we can go all the way to his removal. And allow a Democratic president to replace his ass.


Star Member sharedvalues (6,553 posts)

4. OR we just add two new justices to nullify his vote

And we do have time.
In 2021, Pres Liz Warren can expand the Supreme Court by two justices, needing only 51 votes in the Senate.

Star Member vlyons (6,438 posts)

10. No, he needs to be impeached

His confirmation was a complete sham. He lied to the Senate. Plus the DOJ "investigation" was corrupted. He needs to be made an example.

Justice Weenie-Waver -- we gotta make that stick.

Do you think they really believe all the shit they spout off about? Are they really that stupid?

Star Member vlyons (6,438 posts)

13. SCOTUS was tarnished with Clarence Thomas, who also lied

and was a sex predator. Kavanaugh "auditioned" for the job by writing articles in legal journals that basically supported the the thesis the the POTUS is above the law.

bucolic_frolic (12,941 posts)

11. Yes, Moscow Mitch stole the seat and Trumputin stole the election

so we are out 2 SP Justices. Not fair by any measure.

When the next seat opens... which, if I had to judge (no pun) from the actions of the Dems in the last few day, will be shortly...
trump should wait til after the election... then appoint two. Ah, **** it... appoint three.  :-)

TwilightZone (13,039 posts)

20. Problem is, we need 67 votes.

It's the same process as removing the president. While I wholeheartedly agree that he needs to go, I don't see the votes, even if we make big gains in the Senate in 2020.


AdamGG (448 posts)

22. There's no way they'd get 67 votes and it would diminish from the effort to impeach Dump

And, the fact that he waved his dick around in college isn't as impeachable as the partisan stuff he did hacking Patrick Leahy's documents.

Star Member Laura PourMeADrink (28,510 posts)

21. Focus on the source of the evil first

what... the Democrat party?   :loser:
The DUmpster / A quiet, respectful Bouncy
« Last post by Ralph Wiggum on Today at 09:31:10 PM »

Comatose Sphagetti
Talked with a farmer friend the other day...
We met going opposite ways on a country road. Stopped and chatted for a while.
A few pleasantries then he starts on "socialism."
I explained democratic socialism is not the Soviet socialism of old, or that the state controls the means of production, etc., etc...
I pointed out he was in fact driving on democratic socialism (taxpayer funded public roadway) at this very moment.
I wanted to point out that I know for a fact he has personally received over a quarter-million dollars in farm subsidies over the years (also democratic socialism.) But, not wanting to get into a heated argument, I said nothing.
Do I believe our conversation got him rethinking his views about democratic socialism?
I don't know. But I do believe it's these quiet, respectful conversations between friends that will change minds.

Stupid analogy regarding the roads for the 9,000th time.  Conservatives aren't against taxes for the public good, such as roads, police, and firefighters.  Just rampant government spending and control.

Most, like 90% of all guns bought back in blue shithole cities are nonfunctioning.
Great excuse to clear out the junkers.
The DUmpster / Re: DUmpmonkiez call for civil war
« Last post by Ptarmigan on Today at 09:14:08 PM »
shockey80 (2,449 posts)

Don't worry, nothing will happen. Let's take the kids, a picnic basket and go watch the SHOW.
This is what people from a nearby town did at one of the first battles of the civil war. They did not have a clue how much danger they were in until shots rang out. They had no idea what the future would bring, 600,000 war dead.

Today in America we have roughly sixty-million Republican voters who are in a catatonic state, a complete mental stupor. They have no idea how much danger they have put themselves and our country in.

We have a so called president who by definition is a traitor. Trump has put our national security at risk. We have no idea how many secrets Trump may have given away to our enemies. There is a lack of urgency to remove a traitor from the White house, think about that.

Trumps foreign policy has been a complete disaster because he has none. He has destroyed our good name around the world. No country in their right mind would want to make deal with Trump. No ally of ours would want to share intelligence with Trump. Pulling out of the Iran deal may go down as one of the greatest foreign policy disasters in our history.

Trump has put our economy at risk with his tariff wars, his tax cuts and deregulation.

Trump has attacked the rule of law and constitution. He has damaged the fabric of our democracy and no one knows what price we will all pay for all the corruption.

There is a nation wide lack of urgency about the danger we are in. There is a lack of urgency on impeachment. We will simply vote him out in 2020 and everything will be fine.

We the people, in our great slumber have set ourselves up for a catastrophic event.

Don't worry, nothing will happen.

Uh okay. :english:  :mental:
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