Author Topic: The "sUSA" is under Russian occupation! Help us fight for freedom!  (Read 1191 times)

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Hi all. I apologize if it is against any of your rules to post this. I stumbled upon your community a few days ago and thought some of you may be interested in trying this game out. This isn't meant to be spam and I don't work for the company that owns this game. I'm just a player looking for some good patriots to join up and help support the "sUSA"!

Background info

My name is Seeroy and I'm a 4+ year veteran of browser based simulated government/military (sim-world) games. The primary game I've been involved with is eRepublik, but I've played a few others like vPopulus and CyberRepublik.

These games can be a LOT of fun if you play with a dedicated group of friends. Coordinated groups can gain political power, exercise military dominance, and build up economic empires.

Why I'm here

I come here to ask you to join up with me and our fellow countrymen (and women) in the game e-Sim.

The sUSA (our country in e-Sim) is a weak country. We have a weak economy, a small player base, and most of our regions are currently occupied by Russia. This can be fixed, but we will need strength in numbers!

The Eastern European countries always tend to dominate these types of simulated world games. The Serbians, Bulgarians, Turks, and others. For some reason, people over there are completely addicted to these games and play with strong nationalistic passion. I need your help and the help of others to change this dynamic back to the way it should be: American dominance around the world.

About e-Sim

All "sim world" games involve variations on the same basic foundations: People are born as citizens of a country. They take jobs or create their own companies and hire others. They "train" to increase their fighting strength. People fight in battles between nations. And these games always involve political and social aspects, usually with personal newspapers, political parties, and Congress and Presidential elections.

e-Sim is perhaps one of the best new games of this genre. Many of my friends from eRepublik are now transitioning to e-Sim because the game we once loved has been destroyed by greed. e-Sim was actually created by a Polish former eRep player, and it was designed to work the way that the community always wished a "sim world" game would be like. So far, it is great!

The game is very easy to learn. It can take up as little as 2 minutes a day (clicking "work", "train", and fighting in a battle if you choose to). But it can also take up hours and hours if you enjoy getting involved in government or running military groups. It can be very fun and is a great way to meet new friends, both abroad and around the world.

If you are interested in joining up, here is a sign up link:

Anyone that joins from the link above gets 2 extra "gold" when they reach level 7 (takes about 7 or 8 days to get there) for signing up from a link from a current player. So if you choose to try the game out, you are better off using my link, but you are more than free to sign up by going straight to if you think that link looks malicious or anything.

Extra Info

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope to see some of you joining up and helping the sUSA grow into a powerful force. Whether you log in just to click or decide to be very active, every little bit helps and make the game more fun for all other real life Americans. It sucks to see the Eastern Europeans always reign supreme in these games. Let's show them how it's done!

See you on the battlefield,
Seeroy (Abroham Lincoln is my citizen name in e-Sim)

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Re: The "sUSA" is under Russian occupation! Help us fight for freedom!
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