Author Topic: Super Bowl massacre averted at last minute  (Read 1000 times)

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Super Bowl massacre averted at last minute
« on: February 07, 2008, 01:22:19 PM »
Watch out for the poo being flung

RamboLiberal  (1000+ posts)       Thu Feb-07-08 01:38 PM
Original message
Super Bowl massacre averted at last minute
 Advertisements [?]Source: East Valley Tribune

A distraught Tempe man was within sight of the Super Bowl on Sunday with an assault rifle, but a change of heart kept him from unloading 200 rounds of ammunition on the crowd, court records show.

Kurt William Havelock, 35, turned himself in Sunday to Tempe police and the FBI at the urging of family and confessed his plan, which he hatched in retaliation for the Tempe City Council rejecting a liquor license application for a restaurant and bar he owns.

According to court records, Havelock is charged with mailing threatening communications in the mailing of eight copies of a “manifesto” explaining the planned massacre.

“I will test the theory that bullets speak louder than words ... I will slay your children. I will shed the blood of the innocent,” Havelock wrote. “No one destroys my dream. No one.”

Magistrate Judge Edward V. Ross said in a hearing in U.S. District Court on Tuesday: “I haven’t read more chilling words, and I’ve been doing this a long time.” Ross found Havelock was a danger to the public and ordered him held without bail.

Read more:

Good thing he had a change of heart

lumberjack_jeff  (1000+ posts)      Thu Feb-07-08 01:40 PM
Response to Original message
1. I wonder which radio programs he listens to?
 I find it surprising that we're not even more batshit crazy than we are.

a slip of the keyboard.............or just a subconciously  :lmao:

DS1  (1000+ posts)       Thu Feb-07-08 01:40 PM
Response to Original message
2. That would be pretty intense
 imagine the gun threads in GD if he'd gone through with it

villager  (1000+ posts)      Thu Feb-07-08 01:42 PM
Response to Reply #2
3. and the inevitable comments on how guns are never a factor in gun crimes? 

This is what I have never understood about the anti gun people. This line of thought is...............well just batshit crazy

EnviroBat  (1000+ posts)      Thu Feb-07-08 01:53 PM
Response to Reply #3
16. Hold on a sec, I'll go and fetch your soap-box...

aquart  (1000+ posts)      Thu Feb-07-08 01:43 PM
Response to Original message
4. How did he think he would get in?

RamboLiberal  (1000+ posts)       Thu Feb-07-08 01:44 PM
Response to Reply #4
6. I imagine he planeed on doing it outside the stadium
 You'd have some big crowds just around the stadium

monktonman (1000+ posts)      Thu Feb-07-08 01:44 PM
Response to Original message
5. Is it terrorism yet?
 Or is he a white guy?

Can't be a white guy, he's being held without ****ing racist

postulater (807 posts)      Thu Feb-07-08 01:45 PM
Response to Original message
8. See, Terrrrists ARE Everywhere
 And that's why they need to listen to all your phone calls, You are probably the next one.
  :bird: :bird:

LisaM  (1000+ posts)      Thu Feb-07-08 01:45 PM
Response to Original message
9. You don't have to get inside to have access to the large crowds
 There were probably tens of thousands of people tailgating. Just walking from their cars to the gates, there are a ton of people milling around.

Island Blue  (1000+ posts)       Thu Feb-07-08 01:46 PM
Response to Original message
10. The article says that he had "mental health evaluation"
 Edited on Thu Feb-07-08 01:48 PM by Island Blue
after his arrest and they "found no mental defects". Hmmm, I think maybe they didn't look hard enough. Anyone who would contemplate doing something like this (to the point of writing a manifesto, buying ammo, driving to the stadium, etc.) probably has one or two "mental defects".

Edited to say, I hope he gets help, but it's becoming more and more difficult to get proper mental health care these days thanks to g.w. bush and friends.

How in the hell is this GWB's fault

truthisfreedom (1000+ posts)      Thu Feb-07-08 01:49 PM
Response to Reply #10
13. No mental defects? Must be a terra-ist. Terra-ists don't have mental defects, right?
 Now I'm confused.

slackmaster  (1000+ posts)      Thu Feb-07-08 01:51 PM
Response to Reply #11
14. Jeez, even his music list screams out as a cry for help
 In case the site gets taken down, check this out.

Arizona Horror Bands

American Psychos, The
Astrocreep2000 (Rob/White Zombie tribute)
Awaken The Nightmare
Boxcar Stranglers
Burglary, The
Cannibals, The
Casket Snatch
Chapter 23
Creature Feature
Cross and Skullbones
Curse of the Pink Hearse
Cursed, The
Dead End Dragstrip
Dead Tones, The
Demon City Wreckers
Everybody Gets Laid (Rocky Horror Punk Tribute)
Facilities, The
Frightfuls, The (RIP)
Grave Danger
Green Lady Killers, The
Hollow Bodies, The
Hour of the Wolf
Limit Club, The
Mission Creeps, The
Native American Psycho
Nitemare: The Demon's Head (horror rap)
Redeadening, The
Route 66 Killers, The
Shadow Army (RIP)
Some Kinda Hate (Misfits tribute)
Stitch Hopeless and the Sea Legs
Unmarked Grave
Young Princes of Darkness, The (RIP)

If my kid or friend or lover was into stuff like that, I'd be very concerned.

slackmaster  (1000+ posts)      Thu Feb-07-08 01:49 PM
Response to Original message
12. This is a good example of a way that many horrible crimes could be prevented
 We need to watch out for each other. When someone in a state of duress makes a threat, we all need to take it seriously.

uppityperson  (1000+ posts)       Thu Feb-07-08 01:53 PM
Response to Original message
15. Good thing we have all these anti-terror things in place.
  I hope the guy gets the help he needs, for a long time

Xithras (1000+ posts)       Thu Feb-07-08 02:01 PM
Response to Original message
17. He needs mental help, not prison time. 
 I doubt that there's anyone over the age of 20 who, at some time in their life, hasn't become so depressed over something that the thought of striking out at the world seemed at least briefly attractive. Luckily for human civilization, we almost always get over it and recognize it as a simple angry fantasy. Our humanity keeps us from acting on those impulses.

While this guy may have taken his angry fantasy a little further than most, he still stopped himself. His humanity kicked in, he aborted his plan, and he never harmed anyone.

This man needs mental help to deal with the angry depression he's obviously suffering from, and he needs anger management therapy to learn more constructive ways to deal with those impulses. He doesn't need to spend time in jail.

Xithras.................would you still being trying understand the jihadi as the knife started to touch your throat before your head was lopped off.................****in dumbass

frog92969 (376 posts)      Thu Feb-07-08 02:06 PM
Response to Original message
21. Alcohol IS a dangerous drug.
 Sounds like he needed a bong hit or five.


sinkingfeeling  (1000+ posts)       Thu Feb-07-08 02:07 PM
Response to Original message
22. 'Havelock' doesn't sound Arabic to me. Will he be charged as a 'terrorist' or for making 
 'terroristic threats'?

The dumbasses just don't get it do they
You got off your ass, now get your wife off her back.