Author Topic: ‘Overworked, Overwhelmed And Burned Out’: Why Portland Cops Say They’re Leaving  (Read 65 times)

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And yep, I'm putting this in the Terrorist forum. Antifa and blm are terrorist organizations (that is, when blm isn't being Marxist) and the operative word to all this is:


Portlanders, you bought and paid for the crime wave that belongs solely to YOU. And this is what happens when good, honest cops realize that their leadership doesn't have their back.

They leave.

And the populace continues to see rioting, looting, burning, arson, assaults, and other crimes of violence.
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There should be a sort of 'patriot underground' there, but it doesn't seem to be set in-motion...  yet.  Kinda strange. 

I agree that antifa is chickenshit.  They don't leave the 'downtown district'.  But we still should be hearing about vigilante-incidents.  There must be another factor in-play as to why not. 

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When the business's shut down, and when the conventions there flee for other venues, the city will cry out in shock that no body wants to live in their socialist hell.

I know a few that are on the verge of fleeing right now. One I deal with is only there because the founder lived there.