Author Topic: My advice: start stock piling cans of food. Socialists cannot feed their own.  (Read 213 times)

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Socialists cannot keep the power on. your fridge/freezer will be useless. See California this last summer.
No socialist country has ever fed their own people.

Cans have been tested for 14 years so far and still good. toss out and bloated or dented cans.
Democrats seem to be planning meat shortages. Canned meat may not be the best but it is better than the bugs democrats want you to eat.

There are a LOT of cheap dry goods out there .

Note where the elite live in your area. They will have the luxuries and meat.

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Clean and oil up your firearms, then drive around looking for houses with automobiles in the driveway advertising support for Democrats and primitives.  I'm pretty sure they'll have well-stocked refrigerators (a la Nancy Pelosi), and so one won't have to buy groceries at all.

Morally, it's okay to take the groceries of a primitive or Democrat, because you yourself paid for them anyway, from your taxes used for buying them food stamps.
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The first indication of shortages will come from Pete Buttplug's potential, but probable interference with trucking-companies and long-haul independents. 

Paraphrasing:  " 'Interstate-highways should accommodate other vehicles too... like bikes, scooters, and wheelchairs'. "

I don't know what point he was trying to make, but it sounds like big trouble.