Author Topic: Like stink on shit, the FBI is ALL OVER the invasion. Grand juries. More charges  (Read 135 times)

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Like stink on shit, the FBI is ALL OVER the invasion. Grand juries. More charges to come.
This is just the beginning

Sedition and conspiracy charges

Calling in specialized prosecutors.

Underscore that this is only the beginning.

Strike force for attacks on the media

The guys doing the briefing are amped up! Sounding like they really want to get everyone involved.

edit to add: This is from the FBI Press Conference at 3.15 EST


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1. And Barr's not there to shut it down

Glad to hear that the FBI is on this.

As soon as we have a new AG, let's get these white supremacist groups on the Terrorist Watch List.

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5. Saying they will be using investigative tools they use with international terrorists

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9. With Trump's political goons out of the way

The Professionals have a lot of scores to settle. Trump and his allies made a big mistake belittling and undermining career investigators.

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15. And they'll start bringing charges AFTER Jan 20 to avoid the last remaining

tRump sycophants?

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24. No explanation of why the Cap Po got caught with their pants down.

FBI saying "well, we told the JTTF"... Yippee skippee; why wasn't the US Government ready to protect the Capitol?

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50. Because Trump intervened to make sure that the Capitol police and the Guard stood down.

Mayor Bowser did not want the Guard actively involved in the beginning out of concern for two things: 1) the way the Guard acted in the BLM protests, and 2) the possibility that Trump would declare an emergency and use the Guard to "establish order" his way.

Bad as it was, think what could have happened if Trump had used the Guard from the start, to aid the coup. Several legislators could have been killed.

Bowser's understanding was that the Capitol police would provide sufficient protection and call on the DC police for cooperative help if overwhelmed. She offered their help but Sund turned it down, said he had it under control.

Bowser's agreement was that the Guard would be called in as backup if, and as soon as, it appeared to be necessary. That's when the Pentagon refused all requests for Guard help, on Trump's orders.

So, the Capitol police did not have enough officers to handle the situation, intentionally it seems, since Sund lied that they had it covered. He refused help from the DC police in the beginning and did not call for them when it was obvious that they were needed. Then Trump refused to allow the Pentagon to use the Guard.

In other words, the whole thing was planned from the top on down. I heard a former Capitol cop saying that, in those words during an interview this morning on NPR's A1 program, based on his experience of who makes decisions, when, and how.


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29. Let's not forget

DOD refused to allow new admin to have access to meetings or intel for weeks before the attack. A DOD Under the guidance of a 30 year idiot just appointed by trump the head the department. Ya think there was some things that needed to be secret. Firing squad!!!!! Enough of this treasonous GOP attack on the country. Unit, come together, let by Gones be. **** that, treat this just like 9-11. Hunt them alldobe, find them in their hide outs, congress people like included. If they resist arrest, we give an O Bin Ladin hello. And burial at sea so trumpets can not have a martyr site to worship.
We were attacked, more coming, just like the Japanese did on our soil. No uniting. Justice needs to happen first.

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43. I want to see Nuremberg style trials.

We need to who was involved, why they were involved, why it got so bad, and the people who were involved need to be punished to the maximum extent of the law. This should not be allowed to stand, and no one involved should get to walk away without consequences.

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59. If this is true......then it sounds like the career FBI investigators and staff are finally able to properly investigate crimes like this since there's no Barr at the top. They're behaving like they're already working for Merrick Garland. With so few days left of a Trump administration, it sounds like there's no oppressive leadership at the top of DoJ to temper a full attack on these seditionists.

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and yet this same group howled loudly last summer when President Trump sent Federal agents to help secure Federal buildings that were being attacked in Portland...

How eager will they be for Nuremburg type trials when the investigation discovers that some of the invaders were blm and antifa clowns?
Trump Won.  Get over it!

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And they prove yet again they are fascists. Hitler would have loved the DUmmies.

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