Author Topic: Don't trust these acting FBI's.where is Chris Wray?  (Read 69 times)

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Don't trust these acting FBI's.where is Chris Wray?
« on: January 12, 2021, 04:16:31 PM »
Nikki28 (434 posts)

Don't trust these acting FBI's.where is Chris Wray?
These guys are Trump appointees and I do not trust them. They seems nervous and it was just unreal. I want Biden to get rid of all them and put all back in place before Trump fired them all to put in their lackeys. Even Andrew Macabe asked why Chris Wray was not there. Congress in the Senate need to haul them in before Biden in sworn in because there is too many Law enforcement's ect involved and I do not trust who the raciest is.

Put every last FBI including the ones Muller had on his team.Put them back in there so they can clean house because Trump pulled off the biggest crime in History by tearing down our intuitions and putting his lackey's in.If we do not clean house-we will be in trouble,including all Democrat's in Congress.I wish Joe can get sworn in virtual and leave the rest to the ones who wants to do harm.I fear for our country because there was too many in this terriost attack that was in high places.


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4. I think it's Andrew McCabe on CNN who said exactly this. It's unusual that Chris Wray is absent.

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12. Andrew McCabe was recommended to be fired for sabotaging the 2016 election. Technically, for lying about what he did. Here he is on CNN as if he's a respectable person who didn't kill his FBI career to get Trump elected, likely assuming Trump would protect him.

The FBI's dirty as hell, and for sure Wray's hiding is suspicious.

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10. It's a ****ing trap, don't fall for it people

I don't know what Trump and Pence cooked up yesterday. But it sure as **** was not for our benefit.

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