Author Topic: Up and ready to vote in one hour taking our sons , then Election Day snacks  (Read 93 times)

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Up and ready to vote in one hour taking our sons , then Election Day snacks

They cannot vote yet two of them will in next election. I’m taking them with me as I vote as their so into this election they can stand with me as I vote for President Biden and Vice President Harris it is our duty . Will be up late tonight I explained to them the results will be coming in late tonight and they plan on staying up with my wife and I. I plan on giving them off cyber school Wednesday to recover from our late night . Then will stop at the store and pick up Election Day snacks after I vote.
Hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls
Sweet sour meatballs
Chicken tender tossed in corn starch fried then covered in vidalia onion sauce with snap peas broccoli. Was gonna do dad chili and tenders received more votes. And dad cannot do voter suppression.

I am voting as loser vet
For the kids in cages
Our Covid fallen

I know I've seen a couple of really good rants over there by this dumb ass about the 'pandemic' and how they can't go out and do anything.  Here he is bragging about taking 2 kids to the polls who are not old enough to vote while he gives them time off from CYBER SCHOOL ...

I wonder if any of the DUmmies will point out his hypocrisy.  I don't think he's had time to hit the bottle yet, but maybe he'll be drunk by the time he goes to vote and he'll pull the wrong lever.  LOL

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Late democrat voter.

His ballot was cast for him a week ago.

Poor schmuck thinks he makes a difference.

I am now officially predicting: Trump get 300+ EC votes.  Late voter are pointless.
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He didn't mention taking boog to vote either.

With all that food boog wil shit good tomorrow! :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf:
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