Author Topic: VIDEO: Drudge Report Deceptively Removed Names From VP Debate Poll Results  (Read 143 times)

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The Drudge Report attempted to pull off a ridiculous deception to make people think that Kamala Harris won the vice-presidential debate when in reality the poll showed people voted her as the loser by a landslide. What happened is that when the poll was first published on Wednesday night, Mike Pence was leading by about 65%. When I returned to see the latest poll results on Thursday morning, guess what was missing from the poll results? The NAMES. Yes, there were NO NAMES in the results showing the winner (Mike Pence) at about 71%. Even more deceptively, that 71% number showed up on top and when you voted it was also the name of Kamala Harris on top before they revealed the results. Therefore, it was obviously a pathetic attempt to make readers think Harris was the one who received that 71%.

That Matt Drudge has fallen so low in his Trump Derangement Syndrome as to attempt to  pull off such an easily detectible deception speaks volumes of how he has completely lost all credibility.

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Given the depth to which traffic has sunk, and I assume advertising revenues, I'll bet Drudge regrets deserting an underserved "market" for an overserved "market."

One  of the basic rules of economics: one's market share and income increase if no one else is offering what the underserved market want.  For years, we were glutted with left-leaning media, with virtually no one serving the other side.

Drudge filled that need, and one assumes profited mightily from it.

But then he went into this already-crowded market.

He can go back to doing what he used to do, but as he threw most of this market under the bus, he'll never make as much as he used to
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Agree with frank. If you got a business model that works, and has worked for years, why mess with it? You don’t need to create “New Coke” when the original formula has launched you and kept you at #1 for 100 years.

Drudge went stupid. Go woke, go broke.

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