Author Topic: VIDEO: Should Trump Use the Same Coronavirus Treatment as Amy Klobuchar's Hubby?  (Read 67 times)

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Last May, the DUmmie FUnnies was the FIRST to break the story about Amy Klobuchar admitting that her husband was treated with hydroxychloroquine for his severe case of Coronavirus. Since he walked out of the hospital several days later perfectly healthy, should President Trump use the same treatment that seemed to have worked so well for Klobuchar's husband?

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This is the treatment Trump received Friday evening, . If it works as well with Trump as it has in testing, it will disappoint DU-grade Dems and Progs in a couple ways beyond Trump recovering without significant suffering. First, Trump could be recovered and clear of the virus in time for the next debate to be held as scheduled. Second, Trump's HHS began working with Regeneron to develop this treatment back in very early February. IOW, this treatment is a direct disproof of the Dems' Trump-Did-Nothing-for-Two-Months lie.
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