Author Topic: Nicolle Wallace: Trump's Debate Performance Felt Like 'An Assault' On America  (Read 161 times)

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SHELLSHOCKED after the debate? You are not alone. That was ABUSE.
Nicolle Wallace explains how Trump's debate behavior (toward Biden, Chris Wallace, the American People, and the World) was abusive, and it was intentional.

Nicolle Wallace: Trump's Debate Performance Felt Like 'An Assault' On American Politics

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1. ABSOLUTELY... we are all being mentally and physically (COVID) abused

by the psychopath in the oval. I know, because I was married to s mental abuser for eight horrifying years.
They assault you with words. I feel assaulted after that shit show art night and so does most of America.

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6. Yes... and the MSM has beaten wife syndrome too...

Joe shouldn't have done this or that, but the abuser is never held to any standard.

The wife with the black eye demanding that no one speak ill of her abuser.

Disgusting. The MSM has a lot to answer for in all of this mess. Their craven desire for everything to be a horse-race and he said.. she said false equivalence is why we are here right now.

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2. Trumpster Dumpster fire, as expected

Wife wouldn't watch at all. 'You don't roast marshmallows over a dumpster fire'

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5. I think after what happened yesterday everyone who has some dignity, empathy, and a...

conscience should demand a rape kit. Billed to Chris Wallace.

Seeing the performance last night, is anyone doubting that Old Yeller is an active serial rapist or worse?

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Who is Trump-Hater Nicolle Wallace that I should give a @#$%? DDG says she's a MesSNBC anchor. :yawn:  :yawn:  :yawn:
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Good! You piece of shit swamp creatures need to be assaulted.
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One good thing to come out of the debate is that Fun Fingers Biden probably learned his lesson and will never bring up the suckers and losers lie again--not to Trump's face anyway.  What was that dumbass thinking?  If it was anybody else, I would've felt sorry for them but when that dirt bag exploited his dead son and made him the punchline of a suckers and losers story, I knew Trump was going to come unglued on him.  It was glorious, another opportunity to rip into Biden's good-for-nothing son Hunter.

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Who is Trump-Hater Nicolle Wallace that I should give a @#$%? DDG says she's a MesSNBC anchor. :yawn:  :yawn:  :yawn:

That was my first and second question as well. GMTA and all that!   :cheersmate:

I expect it is gonna get worse.  The MSM has invested themselves wholly in their waning power to bring down a president.  They know if Trump wins it is a signal that nobody cares what they say anymore. 

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  They sold their professional soul and now they are reaping the rewards.  Maybe they should have stayed true to their profession... but alas, they were trained by commie professors and have turned the 4th estate to a fifth column.

The MSM needs to be destroyed before we can get back to an objective 4th estate.  Until that happens, their ratings/subscriptions will continue to drop as Trump exposes them for what they are.
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Actual violence, rioting, and looting: "Democracy at work".

Trump saying mean things: Assault on America!!!!!!!  :rant: :panic: :argh: