Author Topic: VIDEO: Meet the Creator of the Most EFFECTIVE Campaign Commercial in History  (Read 72 times)

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I bet many of you reading the title of this video assumed that the most effective campaign commercial was the infamous "Daisy" commercial of 1964 which featured a girl counting the petals on a flower which turned into a countdown leading to a nuclear explosion. Nope! Lyndon Johnson was going to win against Barry Goldwater that year no matter what and that commercial was merely overkill which had no effect on the outcome.

The commercial that really did change the outcome of an election was the 2004 SwiftVets ad. And who created it? As you can see in this September 14 video, it was Brian Craig, co-host of the most pro-Trump radio show in America, the Steve Kane Radio Show (WWNN 1470 AM) which is available everywhere via iHeartRadio and Alexa.

The column written by "PJ" (me) that Brian referred to was my September 15, 2006 DUmmie Funnies blog which explained the background in more detail of how Brian Craig came to create that commercial that can be accessed at the link below. I also remember that the first time I saw the SwiftVets commercial in 2004 on television I instantly recognized it because it was almost identical to what Brian Craig broadcast on the radio weeks earlier. Keep in mind that it was here in Fort Lauderdale that summer when John Edwards issued his challenge to ask John Kerry's fellow Swift Boat vets about him and that was the incentive for Brian to create the commercial that changed the tide of the 2004 election.

The purpose of this video is for future historians and political scientists to be informed about the creation of the most effective campaign commercial in history.

9-15-2006 DUmmie FUnnies

Note: As with ALL my videos this video has a MIX of clips for the purpose of commentary thus providing added value. The same format I have used since the beginning of this channel 21 months ago yet suddenly my entire DUmmie FUnnies channel just got DEMONETIZED despite the fact that my videos have been given the monetization greenlight AFTER a YouTube review since the beginning. Just as we are weeks away from the election, suddenly this happens without warning. Hmmmmm.......

The Social Media war against conservative outlets has already begun in the leadup to the election and the DUmmie FUnnies is apparently one of the casualties. They said I can apply for a review in a month but we shall see...

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Demonetized? Your stuff is some of the tamest political stuff out there. They clearly don't like the kids at the end of the videos,lol
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