Author Topic: Did Biden Leave NYC 9-11 Memorial at Same Spot Where Hillary Tossed Into Van?  (Read 149 times)

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I was watching Joe Biden leaving the NYC 9-11 Memorial this morning when something seemed very familiar. After a few moments it hit me. He left in the same area where Hillary Clinton was tossed into a van like a side of beef after the 2016 memorial ceremony. In fact, Biden might have left at the EXACT spot where Clinton exited.

Here we see side by side videos at different angles of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton leaving the memorial. Their points of departure are definitely within a few feet of each other but perhaps someone out there can do a forensic analysis of the videos to determine if it was indeed the same exact spot where they both left.

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That’s my favorite image of Hillary. I wish they would have let her face plant.

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Was her shoe still visible in the gutter?
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Isn't that the same big black dude too, the bodyguard?
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I did some of my favorite trolling over that hillary appearance. Said she was impersonating the twin towers and got some lefties all twisted around the axle
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