Author Topic: VIDEO: John Heilemann on Woodward Tape Echoes Himself on Access Hollywood Tape  (Read 39 times)

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If you had watched John Heilemann on today's Morning Joe proclaiming electoral doom for President Donald Trump due to the release of the Bob Woodward tape in which Trump played down the danger of COVID-19 in order to not (GASP!) panic the public, it would have sounded very familiar. That is because Heilemann echoed himself when he predicted electoral doom for Trump due to the release of the Access Hollywood tape. Although members of the mainstream media are now feigning outrage over what Trump said on the Woodward tape, let's face reality, it doesn't come close to the what the impact of the Access Hollywood tape had in 2016. In fact, for normal people the attitude is "meh!" over Trump attempting to prevent a panic attack.

Keep in mind that this is the same media, along with many Democrats (including Joe Biden), who attacked Trump for being xenophobic when he banned travel from China due to the virus. The panic back then was all about Trump overreacting to the virus.

Meanwhile, as we shall see, John Heilemann, is vying for the Bob Shrum Award for completely wrong political prognostications.