Author Topic: VIDEO: Does This Video Explain Conor Lamb's Possible Role in Atlantic Hit Piece?  (Read 52 times)

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Why would a Congressman in a swing district with a strong challenger stick his neck out to help verify a very dubious hit piece upon President Trump in the Atlantic magazine? Such is the mystery of Pennsylvania Congressman Conor Lamb. You can get the details of about his possible role in the current controversy by doing a web search but this video might explain why he might have felt pressure to participate in that scheme.

As you can see, Lamb basically threw Joe Biden under the bus in a big way on the very day Biden was accepting the Democrat presidential nomination by inferring that he was one of the politicians in office when western Pennsylvania lost lots of factories and manufacturing jobs due to NAFTA which Biden supported. This assertion by Lamb could easily cause Biden to lose the Keystone State in the general election especially if this video clip is played over and over and over again in campaign ads. Okay, so Conor Lamb must have felt an enormous amount of angry pressure from the Biden campaign after this major OOOPSIE. So how to make it up to them? Well, for that information, I refer you to journalist Paul Sperry.

And remember, boys and girls, you will be asked about Conor Lamb and his role in the Atlantic magazine hit piece in an upcoming Bluebook exam.