Author Topic: 'Modern-day minstrel show' insult of RNC speakers draws harsh reaction to MSNBC  (Read 218 times)

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'Modern-day minstrel show' insult of RNC speakers draws harsh reaction to MSNBC guest host

An MSNBC guest-host turned heads on Sunday when she labeled the Republican National Convention, which featured several Black speakers, a “modern-day minstrel show.”

Subbing in for Joy Reid on her Sunday show “AM Reid,” Tiffany D Cross dedicated a portion of her show to commenting on this past week’s RNC.

“That was not a Saturday Night Live sketch,” Cross said to start off her piece. After noting that the RNC hosted at least a dozen African American speakers alone, she went on to say "I watched the Republican convention, and seeing the slew of black speakers that they had, it really did look like a modern-day minstrel show to me."

The reference to minstrel shows – in which people wore black-face to imitate African Americans in song and dance numbers and variety acts – provided her statement with an uncomfortable tone.

 :racist: :waisis: :racista:

“Well, clearly “they ain’t black” As if people of different races aren’t allowed to have diverse opinions!” another user, Baroness Mom, tweeted, making reference to former Vice President Joe Biden’s comment in an interview with Charlamagne Tha God.

“And this my friends is what the Progressive Liberal Marxist Elite think of our Brothers and Sisters in God who are not white, as Tiffany D Cross @TiffanyDCross states, they are nothing more than puppets in a "Minstrel Show",” tweeted user WG.

“That is the racist view Democrats today."
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