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NY Times, NowThis accused of trying to 'cancel' Susan B. Anthony, Dems blast Trump pardon

President Trump's posthumous pardon of Susan B. Anthony did not receive the warmest welcome from Democrats and members of the media.

On Tuesday, the president marked the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave the women the right to vote, by granting a pardon of the famed suffragette, who was arrested in 1872 for violating laws that had permitted only men to vote in the presidential election and was later convicted for voting illegally and sentenced to pay a fine of $100 and court costs.

However, an excerpt in The New York Times report on the pardon raised eyebrows. It said of Anthony: "She is also an increasingly divisive figure, adopted by anti-abortion forces and criticized for relegating Black suffragists to the sidelines."

President Donald Trump has pardoned Susan B. Anthony. The left cancels her.  :mental:

The liberal outlet NowThis later in the day shared a video explaining "why Susan B. Anthony doesn’t deserve your ‘I Voted’ stickers, highlighting the tradition of women voters who place such stickers on Anthony's gravestone."

"They have perpetuated idealized versions of Anthony and her white colleagues such as Carrie Chapman Catt and Elizabeth Cady Stanton," NowThis producer Luria Freeman said. "Evidence of their ruthless racial bias has been pushed to the shadows, enabling the erasure of their women of color counterparts who also fought tirelessly for the right to vote."

Freeman added, "Susan B. Anthony only appeared to care about Black people when the status quo was in her favor" and later concluded that she was not saying that Anthony was  "the most racist fraud who ever lived" since there were "many more racist, white women's suffragists."

Susan B. Anthony is cancelled because she is racist.

"Pathetic. Trump pardons a woman who has been dead for over 100 years to show his commitment to women. Suburban women aren’t dumb. We are all insulted," Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., reacted.

"Susan B Anthony’s WHOLE point was to get arrested. She wanted that conviction," former Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri tweeted.

A unwanted conviction you mean.
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