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Former George W. Bush administration official warns America is 'in the middle of a 70s style urban crisis'

America is now in the middle of a 70s style urban crisis whose root is a well-founded fear of violent crime and social collapse in the midst of a pandemic," former George W. Bush administration official Michael Doran pronounced on Twitter Thursday.

Doran, formerly of the National Security Council and the Department of Defense, began a lengthy Twitter thread Thursday by saying he had been "exchanging messages with friends about what what's happening in our cities: NY, Philadelphia and LA especially. A lot of disturbing things are not making the news. Even Republicans aren't drawing attention to it."

Doran then quoted a friend who lives in New York City.

"'Here's my neighborhood, Mike: An elderly man, enjoying dinner w/his wife at an outdoor restaurant, punched in the face. A woman waiting for the subway to come stabbed in the back. An older neighbor pausing to catch his breath told to pay two dollars in protection money or get the f--- off that particular street corner,'" Doran quoted. "'This is just the ten block radius from where I live in the last six days.'"

It is like the 1970s again.

"What’s happening is this: Thirty years of very meaningful social and economic progress in our cities — which has hugely benefited minorities — is being undone by a toxic  coalition of professional ideologues," tweeted Doran, acccusing the Democratic Party and "rich kids in Che t-shirts" for "sacrificing  America’s cities on the altar of their political cause."

"Suburbanites can’t help but see the destruction of the cities as a harbinger of what could be next for them," he concluded. "The question is who can protect them — Donald Trump, or the people who celebrate the CHAZ.

"I know how I answer that question."

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