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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler faces re-election battle against candidate to his left

Portland’s Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler is currently in a bind as he grapples with weeks of unrest in his city involving protests over racial injustice that have at times escalated into violent riots, while also mounting a re-election campaign in a runoff against someone to the left of him on the political spectrum.

Wheeler, a liberal Democrat and former state treasurer, came into office on a pledge to reform the city’s police department, provide better protection for renters and tackle Portland’s surging homeless crisis. While he did fulfill some of these promises, a string of police shootings in the city and the unrest following the death of George Floyd – along with the tensions stemming from the involvement of local police and federal agents – have seen his popularity among many Portland residents drop even as he tried initially to align with the protests.

On Thursday, though, he accused rioters of playing into the Trump campaign's hands by providing "B-roll film" for their ads while warning would-be arsonists, "You are not demonstrating, you are attempting to commit murder."

A meeting with protesters last month quickly went afoul with demonstrators booing him and calling on him to resign before a riot broke out and federal agents fired tear gas at the crowd. Wheeler’s night ended with his security detail trying to rush him to safety and fend off protesters.

Ted Wheeler is running against another leftist, Sarah Iannarone.

Iannarone has been labeled by some in conservative media as the “Antifa mayor” – a nickname she has embraced during her campaign.

“I am antifa,” she tweeted in September. “I stand proudly beside the good people of this city organizing in countless ways every day to oppose hate in its myriad forms.”

Two months later, she tweeted, “If they’re going to call me 'Antifa Mayor,' then I might as well fight fascism.”

Iannarone’s platform focuses heavily on police reform – including removing all armed police officers from Portland schools and assigning them to other areas in the police bureau. She also wants to institute a gun buyback program, create supervised injection sites for drug addicts and make public transportation free of charge.
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If you are still sane: LEAVE PORTLAND.
Take the credit hit and abandon your home to foreclosure. No one will want to buy a home in a decaying city burning to the ground.

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Rice-a-roni sure has expensive plans for someone who is following up on Wheeler's highly-successful tax base reduction program.
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