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APD believe protesters plan to "scale buildings" as demonstrations continue throughout Austin

Protests continue in downtown Austin Saturday night as groups start to gather in the city.

According to FOX 7 Austin's Shannon Ryan, protesters have begun to gather and clash with Austin police in front of Garrett Foster's memorial on 4th and Congress. Foster was attending a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Austin on Saturday, July 25 when he was shot and killed by an active-duty soldier who was driving for a ride-sharing company that night.

Management for several apartment complexes in East Austin, near the Austin Police Department's Headquarters, have sent letters to residents telling them that police believe protestors plan to scale the buildings ahead of today’s demonstrations. They are told to anticipate the protestors being “armed.”

Things are getting very hairy in Austin.

Earlier tonight protesters marched from the UT Tower to Kathy Tovo's neighborhood to send a message:  Amplify black voices and defund the police.

The march started at 7:30 p.m. and demonstrators required attendees to wear masks and practice social distancing as they marched.

Earlier this year Kathy Tovo proposed for there to be no budget cuts to the Austin Police Department's budget. Organizers of this march state that they believe this is insulting to the people of Austin and that money from the budget could be used better somewhere else.
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