Author Topic: I was prepared for some delays from the Postal Service eventually  (Read 46 times)

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I was prepared for some delays from the Postal Service eventually

I didn't, however, expect to see it so quickly and to such an extreme.

I had ordered something in June and initially it was delayed because of the seller. They were overwhelmed with orders and fell behind. Finally it was shipped July 15 and once again I knew there would be some delay because it was coming from overseas.

Then on the 23rd it arrived at the post office in the town next to me, which usually means I will get the package that day or the next. Today, eight days later, it is still at the same postal facility and it still does not show "out for delivery". I have never had any package or mail sit at a post office for over a week. It has sat at one post office longer than it was in transit from China to the U.S.

If this is indicative of the way things are going to be with the USPS, it will have serious repercussions in so many ways, including of course the upcoming election.

Has anyone else experienced unusual delays with their mail?


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1. My example in ATL is that I mailed a first class card to a friend in the next town

and it took 3 days to get delivered. Usually it's been pretty much next day.


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3. Yes.

This is #1 in the govt. is bad/privatization mantra.
Break govt., and put people in charge who are unqualified, but are fine w a huge paycheck. Then say, 'Govt stuff is bad...see for yourself...exhibit A...The mail has slowed to a crawl.'
#2 is when people get mad or complain, they whip out the,....'there's better answers in the private arena. We are going to do that.' meme...
Privatization complete

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Re: I was prepared for some delays from the Postal Service eventually
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That kind of erratic performance has been going on for decades. Look for the union label.
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