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Almost 50 Chicago cops are injured after 'criminal agitators' throw fireworks and frozen bottles while hiding under a canopy of umbrellas at protest

Chicago police released a shocking video which showed protesters aiming fireworks and frozen water bottles at officers while hiding under a canopy of umbrellas during a protest in Grant Park on Friday night.

The otherwise peaceful protest descended into chaos when it reached the park's statue of Christopher Columbus as demonstrators used an assortment of dangerous missiles to push back cops.

Police say that 49 officers were injured as protesters they blasted as 'criminal agitators' attempted to clear the area so they could try to tear down the monument.

Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown claimed that the protest descended into a 'mob action' that 'deliberately sought to injure officers'.

Chicago is in a state of riot along with Portland and Seattle.  :mad: :argh:

'This is what our officers faced on Friday night at Grant Park. Criminal agitators pelted fireworks, frozen water bottles and other projectiles at our officers, injuring 49 of them,' Brown wrote on Twitter Monday.

'This is unacceptable and we cannot stand for this.'

Brown added that 12 people were arrested for charges including mob action, battery to a police officer and criminal damage to property.

'We do not want to engage in violent clashes with protesters, but when the law is being broken, our oath demands that we act to uphold the law,' Brown said. 'The rule of law has always been, and remains today the essence of policing and the foundation of our democracy.
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