Author Topic: Think the ‘Cancel’ Mobs Can’t Get Any Worse? Think Again  (Read 48 times)

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Think the ‘Cancel’ Mobs Can’t Get Any Worse? Think Again

America is in the midst of one of the great moral panics in our nation’s history. If we don’t stand up for our nation’s core values, the situation could get even worse – and soon. If you’ve spent any time on social media in the last three weeks, you’ve probably noticed the organized campaigns to get college and even high school students expelled or denied admission based on their political views. You’ve also seen gleeful mobs celebrating as Americans lose their jobs for running afoul of someone’s momentary political obsessions.

In every sector of American society, people are having their careers destroyed to the pitiless baying of the “woke” masses. It’s happening in business. CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman spent 20 years building the fitness brand into a multi-billion dollar company, only to be thrown out of the empire he built for declining to go along with the “racism is a public health crisis”  dogma.

It’s happening in journalism. New York Times editor James Bennet, a liberal, was fired for publishing an op-ed by a sitting Republican senator advocating for a military response to nationwide rioting -- a position the majority of Americans agreed with. The same fate befell Philadelphia Inquirer editor Stan Wischowski, who was terminated for approving an article that condemned looting and arson.

It’s happening in entertainment, in academia, and pretty much anywhere someone can be found who is not sufficiently supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s even happening to people who didn’t do anything at all. An L.A. Galaxy soccer player was forced to resign because his wife tweeted that rioters should be shot. A lawyer in San Francisco was fired because his wife was rude to a man she thought was spray-painting BLM propaganda on a building that wasn’t his (it was). On Thursday, this Stasi-esque trend reached another level when a company called Equity Prime Mortgage fired the stepmother of the officer charged in the controversial shooting of drunk driver Rashad Brooks after he fought with and fired a taser at police. The stepmother was apparently fired for no reason other than family loyalty.

The Jacobins are in full force. Nobody is safe.
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Re: Think the ‘Cancel’ Mobs Can’t Get Any Worse? Think Again
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2020, 03:34:23 AM »
I'm slowly, and steadily losing hope actually. I'm of the cynical mind as of now that we should just let it burn. F*ck it. Once they said that realtors could no longer refer to it as the "master" bedroom among other things, I think this train has officially jumped the tracks, and we're just waiting for the big crash and burn.

If we do survive all this shit, I'm saving my Colgate tube that says "whitening" on it when it's empty. May be worth money some day, or I'll just preserve it for future generations so they can see what life was like before we all went insane.

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