Author Topic: VIDEO: Guess What's Missing in These Coronavirus News Reports?  (Read 77 times)

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We have recently been hit with a flood of dire news reports about the rise in COVID-19 cases. Yet there is one very important statistic missing in almost all these reports: Daily deaths. Why would that be? Could it possibly be that contrary to the panicked tone of these reports, the daily deaths from the virus have been PLUNGING which gives important context to the media narrative?

Oh, and in case you think I might have edited out any mention of the daily deaths in these news reports, then do your own research and you will see that the full reports did NOT include that vital statistic.

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Re: VIDEO: Guess What's Missing in These Coronavirus News Reports?
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other things you don't see in the covid stats are the number of people who tested positive but have recovered and are back to their normal lives

and with all the talk of the recent spike and most of the blame on businesses reopening, i have not heard any talk about how this spike is happening 2 weeks after the rioting started and it's contribution to the increase in positive cases.
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