Author Topic: DC's Emancipation Memorial, target of protests, was funded by former slaves: rep  (Read 19 times)

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DC's Emancipation Memorial, target of protests, was funded by former slaves: reports

A controversial statue in Washington, D.C., and replicated in Boston, has a history that many people who currently oppose the statues might not know, according to reports.

Both statues depict President Abraham Lincoln standing over a kneeling black man who is newly freed from slavery. Critics of the statues claim the image communicates the black man's subservience -- and have called for the statues in both cities to be removed.

But the idea for the statue started with a formerly enslaved woman who wanted to pay homage to Lincoln after he was assassinated in 1865, according to the National Park Service.

Charlotte Scott, of Virginia, used the first $5 she earned after being freed from slavery to launch a fundraising campaign, the park service said.

Other funds were collected exclusively from formerly enslaved African-Americans, even though the organization running the effort and maintaining the funds was a white-run, war-relief agency based in St. Louis, called the Western Sanitary Commission, the park service said.

The rioters want to destroy Emancipation Memorial. Total madness!
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