Author Topic: VIDEO: MSNBC Reporter Concerned New Wall Will Inconvenience Border Crossers  (Read 62 times)

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Um, isn't the purpose of a border wall to make it harder (or more inconvenient) to illegally cross the border? However, that seems to be the concern of this MSNBC reporter, Jacob Soboroff. He is also concerned about coronavirus crossing the border. NEWSFLASH!!! By making it harder for people to cross the border, the new border wall is also making it harder for coronavirus to cross the border.

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"Inconveniencing" illegals is kinda the point. And given how out-of-control Mexico's Covid-19 situation is - Mexico's numbers are low because they are not testing to a significant degree - the wall is also hindering the importation of the coronavirus by infected Mexicans and Central Americans. I can understand why that latter would PO MSM-folk.
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