Author Topic: Report: Federal Prosecutors Consider Criminal Charges Against John Bolton  (Read 98 times)

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Report: Federal Prosecutors Consider Criminal Charges Against John Bolton

Federal prosecutors are considering filing criminal charges against former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton if his soon-to-be-released memoir — In the Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir — contains classified information, according to a report.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

The Justice Department is expected to seek a temporary restraining order from a federal judge as soon as Wednesday that would block Bolton and his publisher, Simon & Schuster, from releasing the memoir as planned on June 23, the people said. It is not clear how successful such a legal fight would be. On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal published a lengthy excerpt of the book. It is also in the hands of journalists who have begun to chronicle its findings in stories.

The Times’ report comes one day after the Department of Justice asked a federal judge to block the publication of Bolton’s upcoming book.

The DOJ’s lawsuit requests that the judge block Bolton from “compromising national security” by releasing his book, which  the agency says is “rife with classified information.

Not looking good for John Bolton.
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Didn't we go through this a long time ago? The government can not preemptively ban something from being published but they can arrest and prosecute people later.

Wouldn't that include every single person involved in the release of classified information, from editors to the publisher to every bookseller?

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He could use being brought down a notch or two.
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