Author Topic: While cops stand down when white man in combat gear with automatic weapons storm  (Read 107 times)

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Now wait a damn minute.  It's strange to me how this DUmmie (who I think is black) is deflecting from the TRUE meaning of this video.  I have been told this is NOT possible.  I'm calling bullshit on this whole outrage the dems have going on about blacks right now!

On Edit; I like the sensationalized headline.  None of it is true, by the way.  Not a single word.

StarfishSaver (8,799 posts)

While cops stand down when white man in combat gear with automatic weapons storm state Capitols

we have this:

Completely respectable cops, but the man is being unreasonably 'offended' and downright insulting in his responses.  Here are the DUmmies take on it ...

Maraya1969 (15,807 posts)

2. Wait. That was a black guy with just a camera or did her also have a gun?

StarfishSaver (8,799 posts)

3. I think he was open carrying with a gun on his belt.

pamdb (803 posts)

5. confrontation

Personally, I don't care if you're white or black or purple with pink polka
dots, I disapprove of open carry anywhere. I don't understand why men, it's usually men, feel the need to walk around with a gun on their hip. In the grocery store, in the mall, at a city commission meeting? Why? Are they that insecure?

WE don't care if you disapprove.  It's a constitutionally protected right.

StarfishSaver (8,799 posts)

6. That's not the point here.

You damn right that's not the point!  The point is, I've been told for a VERY long time that it is practically impossible for a black person to have any kind of contact with LEO without being killed and here is a black man who is open carrying, being very disrespectful for no reason, and he WALKS AWAY!

Bettie (8,808 posts)

7. So, white dudes carrying guns everywhere, A-OK

one black guy carrying...not OK.

I personally don't think carrying a gun is generally necessary or a good idea, however, there is a very obvious double standard.

Anyone who doesn't see that is choosing not to.

Now, watch this and you will see why this man had 8 cops there ...

Renew Deal (76,935 posts)

15. I'm calling the cops if I see someone walking around with a gun.

It's not up to me to know if he/she is a lawful gun owner or out to kill. Let him/her explain it to the police.

There you go DUmmies!  You want to know why those interactions happen?  Because YOU don't understand how our rights work!!

Blue_true (24,407 posts)

20. The first time that I visited Arizona on business, I saw a scruffy

looking biker dude outside a convenience store with a big pistol in a hoster. The scene blew my mine, I was thinking "should I go into this place with a guy just lounging around outside with a gun? What if he is about to rob the place?" I mentioned that to one of the people that I was visiting and was told that what the guy was doing was legal per state law.

Stereotype much?  I thought that was forbidden over there in the land of milk and honey.   :lol:

uponit7771 (67,875 posts)

23. K&R, more proof that the second amendment is a whites only law



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