Author Topic: Another Progressive Media Figure 'Canceled' For Being 'Insufficiently Woke'  (Read 35 times)

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Another Progressive Media Figure 'Canceled' For Being 'Insufficiently Woke'

As the protests have quieted down and America waits for Minnesota AG Keith Ellison to prosecute Derek Chauvin and the 3 other officers who presided over the murder of George Floyd, the aftermath on the Internet has been surprising and swift, as many popular figures who have pledged their support to 'BLM' and the principles of dismantling white supremacy via posting and vague workplace 'diversity' commitments are being called out by other for being "insufficiently woke".

Though most Americans who either aren't on twitter or don't spend the majority of their free time there probably don't know/don't care about any of this, the movement has claimed victims in the latest iteration of 'cancel culture' run amok.

Buzzfeed News reports that Leandra Cohen, the founder and top editor at fashion website Man Repeller, has decided to "take a step back" after acknowledging that she "failed" in her mission to expand the diversity of Man Repeller.

What, exactly, triggered the backlash? Well, during the outset of the crisis, Man Repeller furloughed a popular black editor on its site (among other employees) as the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak rippled across the media industry.

A progressive/leftists writer Leandra Cohen is "cancelled" for not being woke enough.
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