Author Topic: Trump wants to reopen as soon as possible. Here is why -one sentence only  (Read 67 times)

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Trump wants to reopen as soon as possible. Here is why -one sentence only

Trump doesn't care about reopening causing death, but he does cares about unemployment causing his failure at being reelected.

Texaswitchy (477 posts)

1. Dead people do not vote or buy stuff.

Or travel.

He is just stupid.

dchill (22,455 posts)

2. Also because he's addicted to...the pain and suffering of others. His base loves it, too.

abqtommy (4,598 posts)

3. tRUMP better get busy since there's lots of his behaviors that contribute to his "not being

re-elected". Ha, like he was ever elected in the first place...

Star Member 0rganism (22,783 posts)

7. unemployment is not going to drop until people regain confidence in the safety of the commons

until then, Trump and the GOP are trying to gaslight and distract the nation... again.

if Trump's campaign wants to tie his re-election to a lagging economic indicator, that's their mistake

our mistake would be to trust that our problems will be solved by an election.

Star Member Grasswire2 (6,940 posts)

8. prison

He knows it's a certainty, and is rolling the dice to stay ahead of the inevitable.

Remember, though, that he bankrupted a casino.

Caliman73 (6,154 posts)

11. A decent economy is the only thing that can get him re-elected.

I guess if we reopen, the economy in November MAYBE will look better than it does right now (I have my serious doubts) and he can claim he brought us back from the brink of economic disaster, that his incompetence and callousness created.

Trump only cares about staying in power and out of prison.


Jarqui (7,080 posts)

13. He doesn't want to be wearing handcuffs shortly after Jan 20, 2021 nt

world wide wally (17,887 posts)

15. Can he be arrested between the time he loses the election and the Inauguration of the new Pres?

Asking for a friend, of course

bucolic_frolic (17,507 posts)

22. By the time Trump is done fouling up federal coronavirus response

the population will be shrinking, people will be terrified to go to work and the store. How's THAT going to be good for the economy?

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31. Well those thousands of dead bodies will drag him down. A wipe out is coming

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God they are stupid.