Author Topic: Dallas County demands 'white man' Gov. Abbott apologize to black judge  (Read 117 times)

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Dallas County demands 'white man' Gov. Abbott apologize to black judge who jailed salon owner

The Dallas County Commissioners Court adopted a resolution Tuesday accusing Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of perpetuating white supremacy after they criticized a black judge for jailing a salon owner who reopened her business against the governor’s stay-at-home orders.

The resolution describes Shelley Luther, the white owner of Salon à la Mode, as a “lawbreaker” and said the governor’s and lieutenant governor’s intervention into her jail sentencing by Dallas County Judge Eric Moyé, who is black, reintroduced issues of racism and white superiority in Dallas.
Lets be honest. The salon owner was jailed for NOT apologizing to the judge for reopening.

If some one has a working mole at DU please post this. The sheer stupidity of the county can only be matched by DU. I present this as a public service for your amusement.

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Whiskey Tango Alpha Foxtrot???????????????????  :???: :wtf2:
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Whiskey Tango Alpha Foxtrot???????????????????  :???: :wtf2:

Playing the Race Card = Shit-stirring against an R Governor.
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Well, she was white and refused to apologize to a black man. He probably has PTSD. Poor thing.

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