Author Topic: VIDEO: Neil Cavuto Hilariously Schooled by Doctor on Hydroxychloroquine  (Read 61 times)

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Neil Cavuto was furiously triggered by President Donald Trump stating that he takes hydroxychloroquine (with zinc) as a preventative measure for the current big virus. After screeching over and over again, while citing FLAWED studies, that hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for that ailment can KILL YOU, poor Neil was hilariously schooled by a Fox News contributor medical doctor who stated that, contrary to Neil's foam mouth rantings against it, hydroxychloroquine can be a life saving treatment.

The FLAWED studies (sans ZINC) are at the links below. Check for yourself and you will see that those studies cited by Cavuto all lack ZINC (zinc sulphate).

Watch the moment that Cavuto's outrage bubble is utterly deflated by the doctor. It is a great moment in comedy to behold.

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Here's a good one for you, Chris Martenson , Phd Pathology, could NOT find any empirical evidence that Hydroxy caused heart problems. Even he was wtf.
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Neil must own a lot of Big Pharma stock. He is still telling people  that Hydroxychloroquine will kill you.