Author Topic: OMIGOD! News Break. Trump is taking the hydroxychloroquine  (Read 56 times)

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OMIGOD! News Break. Trump is taking the hydroxychloroquine drug for a week and a half now.
He takes a pill every day. Per MSNBC.


Squinch (31,725 posts)

2. Great. Maybe it will give him heart failure.

I'm waiting for a Hitler's Dr. post...


blaze (3,929 posts)

4. drumph *says* he's taking it. Bullshit. There's got to be $$$ involved. nt

DU uncover's Trumps 18,001st lie...  :mental:

RDANGELO (2,455 posts)

6. From what I understand,

unless you have malaria, there is no benefit to taking it. It can only make you sick.

Ace Rothstein (1,739 posts)

25. Or an autoimmune disease.

My wife takes it daily for RA.

 :rotf: deadly...

Aviation91 (20 posts)

12. I don't believe it!

We only know this because he said he’s taking this drug! I believe he’s doing what he always does...LIE! LIE! LIE!!


Star Member zentrum (8,900 posts)

19. I don't believe this.

Why would he take it if he has no symptoms?

This feels like a set-up of some kind. So that his investment in this drug pays off. Or something.

He's taking a sugar pill and calling it hydroxychloroquine.

Star Member Vogon_Glory (7,149 posts)

23. Well, if he is

He won’t have to worry about losing to Joe Biden next November.

(And we’ll be wondering if Melania Trump will be dancing to “The Merry Widow” waltz)

... because, you know, it's deadly...

essme (515 posts)

28. Oh, he's effing making that up

You can't get a straight story from that clown.

Useless jackwit. I can't wait til he leaves and takes those brats and escort with him.

Star Member Hugin (24,425 posts)

30. Does he use a bleach chaser in kool-aid to choke the pill down with?

I bet his aquariums are spotless!


Aviation91 (20 posts)

33. It really bothers me when the news takes lies he tells and broadcasts them!

He says at a briefing that he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine for a week and a half...we have no proof that’s true nor can he prove it or ANYONE in his administration! He’s desperate now! He knows that this country is on a downward spiral and he’s thinking he can lie and coast his way to November 3rd! People will continue to die and he doesn’t care!! There is no way this country will recover anytime soon and it is scaring him to death and making him say crazy shit just hoping something will work!

Sad thing will kill more of his faithful followers...oh well!


Star Member ecstatic (26,676 posts)

38. Who knows if he's even telling the truth.

I'd like to hear the context in which he volunteered this info.

Was it after someone called him out, again, for being wrong about hcq? Or asked him about the tax dollars that were wasted buying hcq? Perhaps that prompted another bizarre sharpie-like moment where he was determined to be right no matter what.

Then there's the possibility that he's lying to make a profit off of hcq stockpiles.

Hopefully he's telling the truth, and hopefully there's a nasty interaction between hcq, cocaine, and Adderall.

It's not like there are Dr.s out there giving this to people or anything... CAUSE IT'S DEADLY, YO!!!


Star Member sarcasmo (18,915 posts)

42. Distraction.


indigovalley (23 posts)

50. Why does Trump think he knows more than doctors?

I take this drug daily for Lupus and its a miracle drug for patients like me and for others with autoimmune disorders as it controls our symptoms. Despite all the horrible things people are posting about it, the drug is generally well tolerated with common side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, headaches, itching and insomnia to mention just a few. Its not so deadly that it can't be prescribed--thousands of us with Lupus take it just fine.

But because its a powerful drug it can have rare and significant adverse reactions as well. Its criminal how Trump is promoting hydroxychloroquine like its a new vitamin C or something. People who don't need this drug, or have conditions that prevent you from taking it (certain heart problems, epilepsy, kidney failure) can get seriously ill. And on top of that, now us folk who need the drug daily will again be facing shortages...

Just unbelievable...

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Re: OMIGOD! News Break. Trump is taking the hydroxychloroquine
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Squinch (31,725 posts)

2. Great. Maybe it will give him heart failure.

Trump consulted his doctor first. Had Trump been at greater than ordinary risk for heart problems his doctor would have told him not to.
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