Author Topic: VIDEO: Roland Martin Attacks Candace Owens for Breaking Andrew Gillum Story  (Read 76 times)

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Wow! Roland Martin really really does NOT like Candace Owens as he made clear in this video. What set off this rant by Martin was the fact that Owens broke the Andrew Gillum story in which the former gubernatorial candidate was found naked in a Miami Beach hotel room with a gay male escort and three bags of meth.

Martin claimed that Owens just "made up some crap" despite the fact that Owens based her story on a police report. Meanwhile Gillum has gone the expected rehab route to supposedly treat his alcoholism but, in reality, to get away from the public due to a scandal that, unfortunately for him, will probably NEVER blow over.

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To Martin, facts won't matter. Candace Owens, in his view, is a Race Traitor.
Facts don't matter to DUpipo

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Maybe he will be the dems choice for VP. :loser: :loser:
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