Author Topic: VIDEO: Bloviator Jon Meacham Goes on Another Pompous Orange Man Bad Rant  (Read 85 times)

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Jon Meacham went on yet another of his incredibly pompous rants against President Trump which he typically dressed in faux historical authority. Meacham's shtick is to present himself as a "thoughtful" historian while engaging in pathetic partisan ranting. In fact, in this video, he laughably states that he is not making a partisan point but an historical point. Yeah, riiiiiight!

In case you are not aware of this, Meacham was the "genius" who, as editor of Newsweek Magazine, took what he called the "counterintuitive" step of purposely reducing the number of subscriptions by raising the price. The end result was that Newsweek soon sold for a buck. I kid you not. Newsweek magazine actually sold for the grand total of ONE DOLLAR due to self-impressed "genius" Meacham running it into the ground.

Nowadays, he makes frequent appearances on TV, such as this one on MSNBC's "The 11th Hour" pretending to lecture us as an historian, not as a pompous partisan which he really is, about Orange Man Bad.

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Utterly ridiculous! Conservatives have lost trust in the gov't and the media because we keep catching them lying to us. I think liberals still want to believe in the media and they definitely want gov't that carries out their desires to be trusted, but even a few of them have figured out some things via the Bernie experiences. But the gov't and especially media have no one to blame but themselves for the mistrust.

And this current virus panic will only add to that. Once it's past and done, people will look back and realize all this overreaction was silly. The problem is it's the boy who cried "Wolf!" scenerio. Sure, some might try to make the case that it's better to overreact rather than not and wish you had. But that's not the real world nor is it logical. In the real logical world, people will remember how the media pushed overreaction this time and will not take them seriously next time. Once again, the liberal media becomes their own worst enemy.

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There are a lot of offers, including the millions, from right-leaning organizations, but he refused to sell to them.
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