Author Topic: Will Trump try to use it to cancel election?  (Read 129 times)

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Will Trump try to use it to cancel election?
« on: February 14, 2020, 09:53:02 PM »
bobbieinok (11,437 posts)

Covid-19 quite likely to spread in US. Will Trump try to use it to cancel election?
There's a claim by noted scientist it will affect 40%+ of population


Star Member The Velveteen Ocelot (79,193 posts)

1. It's hard to know what will happen. Even if a lot of people get it,

we don't know how sick they will get. What I worry about is that His Lardship has cut quite a bit from the CDC, so if the epidemic does get bad it might not be handled very well.

Ms. Toad (20,008 posts)

2. I'd be suspicious of that claim.

Especially by an unnamed "noted scientist." Even the 1918 influenza only affected 20-25%of the population.

Trump can't cancel the election. Elections are run by the states.

Star Member Turbineguy (29,581 posts)

6. Trump cannot cancel the election without permission from Congress.

Eyeball_Kid (4,279 posts)

11. Not true. You might want to review the Patriot Act.

Trump has made minor incidents into "national emergencies". My word of warning is to NEVER believe that Trump is bound by law, tradition, norm, or a two scoop limit of ice cream. He will do anything to cover his ass.

The Dem winner in the general will have the proven ability to cut Trump down to size, to insult and emasculate him and to give his legion of rah-rahs the image of an effeminate, doughy, whiney, tyrannical cry baby. Trumpers want their Superman, so Trump spends hours a day in the make-up chair to deliver to them a bill of goods.

The Dems want disillusioned Trumpers who can no longer believe in their fantasy because Trump is completely exposed as a fake, a liar, and a fraud who behaves as if a strategy will emerge after he recklessly shakes things up.

Facts won't work, nor can Trump be treated with the dignity that comes with the office. The Dem's attack must be emotional and metaphorical. It can be done, and once it's done, Trump's house of cards will crumble, and fast.

But that's all a best case scenario, because there's this law passed called the Patriot Act. Take a look.


Eyeball_Kid (4,279 posts)

7. Trump would use a fallen tree limb to cancel the election.

He can't wait to find the perfect excuse when it's late summer and he's getting his ass kicked.

The day of the acquittal was the day when the Trump movement hit its peak. Because of his natural ability to **** everything up, he'll go way over his skis, as they say, believing that the nation has given him permission to be an asshole. Eventually, the League of Cowards (aka Republican Party) will lose their ability to shield their complicity and will have to behave "awoke." This will only because the nation will turn its eyes to THEM, and wonder, out loud, when they'll snap out of it. But that won't be until summer, IMO, because 1. Trump will continue to be an asshole in whole new ways, and 2. They'll start getting fidgety when they see, from out of the mist, the long, swift arms of the Grim Reaper of Election Defeat heading straight for them and picking up speed, its scythe's long, curved blade ripping the wind like the scream of a hurricane.


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8. Won't go far, and way too early to estimate the impact of C.virus yet, IMHO. In any event, ...

don't want period anything...but every yr alone in America, there are quite a few deaths from the flu...

results in “about 250,000 to 500,000 yearly deaths” worldwide, Wikipedia tells us. “The typical estimate is 36,000 [deaths] a year in the United States,” reports NBC, citing the Centers for Disease Control.


They canceled elections for the above yet either. Elections will go on, and also (I think someone said it already) the states are the ones regulating this issue of elections...

customerserviceguy (22,656 posts)

16. I doubt that

but it may well depress turnout, and especially caucusing for those in the states where that is the way that delegates are chosen.

We have enough food stored to weather out a couple of months of hunkering down if need be.

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Re: Will Trump try to use it to cancel election?
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2020, 10:55:13 PM »
Why would President Trump cancel the election where he's likely to beat up Bolshevik Bernie or Mini Mike like a pulp?
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Re: Will Trump try to use it to cancel election?
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2020, 12:28:13 AM »
These morons once again prove they will believe anything.
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Re: Will Trump try to use it to cancel election?
« Reply #3 on: February 15, 2020, 09:18:07 AM »
Geesh! How many dumb pretexts have DUmmies fantasized would Trump use to cancel the 2020 election? So far?

In the real world, flights to China from the US are banned, but the current date they will be allowed to resume is 3/30/2020. IOW, the US government estimates China will have the Covid-19 epidemic well in hand by then.

In China, major cities have been on near-total lock-down for several weeks. Households have designated people who can leave their homes to buy necessaries, but they must wear anti-viral masks. Local government officials in Wuhan (Hubei Province) failed to take the outbreak seriously, and it started just as Lunar New Year happened, a time when many travel for family reunion-grade dinners and vacations (e.g., Thailand has been hit pretty hard). Xining, 3 provinces west of Wuhan, is among the many cities on lock-down.

Should I apologize for having so much non-DU-related info in this post? :rotf:  :cheersmate:
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Re: Will Trump try to use it to cancel election?
« Reply #4 on: February 15, 2020, 09:48:14 AM »
Should I apologize for having so much non-DU-related info in this post? :rotf:  :cheersmate:

No.  DUers should apologize for lowering the internet's IQ for an hour or so.