Author Topic: VIDEO: The Dramatic Moment When Steve Lookner Saw HUGE Jump in Coronavirus Cases  (Read 37 times)

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Steve Lookner at his Agenda-Free TV channel does the most detailed updates in the growing Coronavirus outbreak of probably any site on the web. He has been covering it since its early stages in January. Yesterday, while watching for his latest update which usually comes a little after 5 PM EST, it was noticeably delayed. In fact, it was the longest delay ever at one hour and forty-five minutes late.

I happened to be watching when Steve finally got the update and it was quite a dramatic moment as you can see due to the big spike in the number of cases reported yesterday, February 12, of almost 15,000 new Coronavirus cases.

I thought you might be interested in seeing Lookner's reaction to that jump when it he first saw it. I highly recommend you subscribe to Agenda-Free TV not only to get detailed analysis about the Coronavirus but other news events as well such as fires, storms, and election results among many other events.