Author Topic: If you are here to spread the toxic cancerous message That we are doomed  (Read 98 times)

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ibegurpard (15,375 posts)

If you are here to spread the toxic cancerous message
That we are doomed and just need to pack it in and nothing can be done then please just leave. We don't need that shit here.

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Star Member Stinky The Clown (61,134 posts)

5. Can you please post examples of such threads?

Star Member SWBTATTReg (9,258 posts)

2. Thanks. I do get tired of hearing these doom and gloom scenarios, seemingly every 5 ...

minutes or so, if the nominee is person XXX, then we're doomed, if issue is XXX, and we do TTT about it, then we're doomed! On and on. Enough.

Star Member Maraya1969 (15,166 posts)

40. I've read things like that here. It really bothers me. I know some people have that

particular aspect in their personality; a kind of fatalism or an easy sense of doom.

But we are here to find answers and to fight. We need support and encouragement. People who say that there is no use do nothing for our cause and I end up questioning what their motivation is.

DanieRains (584 posts)

15. Doomed? We Will Take Another 40 Seats From Republicans In The House

And take the White House and Senate back.

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blakstoneranger (133 posts)


During the National Prayer Breakfast, trump denied God's word. No other president that I know of in my lifetime has ever, in full view of the public has ever denied God's word in order to spread evil. WE GOT HIM, IT MAY SEEM STUPID, BUT WE'VE GOT HIM. In his arrogance and bombastic behavior, he went on and on railing against his self-perceived enemies at a prayer breakfast. He has denied God at every turn. He is now trying to hurt people who aren't loyal to him. He has denied God at every turn. He is the Golden Calf to evangelicals but......Trump can't beat God. His arms are too short to box with God (hands too small too!). Barr is nothing but a weak dog before God.



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Dukkha (6,637 posts)

32. We are doomed if we don't acknowledge the severity of the crisis

Fascism has officially arrived and it's wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. It will not be eradicated by wearing pink knit hats and creating cute signs to garner likes on Instagram. The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Star Member NurseJackie (28,690 posts)

35. What about the people who spread LIES about the Democratic party?

Like the following lies:

-- "the Democratic party is corrupt"
-- "the Democrats are the party of the one-percent"
-- "the Democrats are the party of the elite"
-- "the Democrats are ideologically bankrupt"
-- "the Democrats are intellectually bankrupt"
-- "the Democrats are feeble"
-- "the Democrats focus too much on diversity"

... what should we do about them. Can we get rid of them too?

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39. Difference between Dems and Republican

I remember someone making a comment about the difference between Democrats and Republicans way back in 2008 when Obama was running. Everyone would freak out if a single bad poll came out and predict doom and gloom. The observation that stuck with me was:

Tell a Republican about bad poll numbers and they will want to kill you.
Tell a Democrat about bad poll numbers and they will want to kill themselves.

It's so true!


Star Member Sherman A1 (27,530 posts)

50. Pardon Me

Were You designated as the Thought Police?

Many of us have very real concerns about many issues and as long as posts are within the terms of service, I don't believe that they are inappropriate.

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59. RW trolls do it on a daily basis.

They are taunting us.

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Response to Moral Compass (Reply #52)Wed Feb 12, 2020, 06:18 PM
ibegurpard (15,375 posts)
56. dark shit is fine

anyone with a functioning brain and eyes in their head should be scared shitless. But they don't have total control yet and the election is not a done deal.

The election is virtually a done deal.
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DUmmies are allergic to reality.  It makes them break out in hives.

You ARE doomed: Incumbent president plus economy doing well equals second term.  Game over.

As an added bonus Republicans will take back The House with down-ballot votes. (The only reason you got the blue ripple in 2018 is that it was a midterm vote and Trump wasn't on the ballot.)
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I fully favor DUpipo's self-imposed isolation from reality! :cheersmate: It's conducive to our amusement! :rotf:  :tongue:
Facts don't matter to DUpipo

Note to "Warpy": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!