Author Topic: Jeopardy contestants can't identify Schiff  (Read 132 times)

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Jeopardy contestants can't identify Schiff
« on: January 16, 2020, 09:59:31 AM »

This California Congressman has logged roughly a zillion hours on cable news during the Mueller probe and impeachment proceedings, but is still totally unknown by three smart game show contestants.

Yes, on Wednesday night’s edition of Jeopardy!, the three contestants completely whiffed when shown a picture of the House Intelligence Committee chair, and given a clue by host Alex Trebek.

“1/53rd of California’s House delegation is this Intelligence Committee chairman,” said Trebek.

Seconds pass with silence from the contestants. Finally, time had expired.

Zero money was earned by the contestants — a number evidently equal to the congressman’s Q score among this group.
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