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[b]There Can Be No Peace[/b]
« on: November 30, 2019, 11:46:02 PM »
NanceGreggs (25,033 posts)

There Can Be No Peace

As we look forward to the day Trump leaves office, we also recognize that the division he and his party have so carefully and deliberately crafted will sadly always be with us.

With the election of a new president, wounds will begin to heal. Neighbours will once again chat over the back fence about mundane things. News headlines will return to the usual pre-Trumpian fare; political scandals will still happen, but won’t rise to the level of a president working to undermine our very democracy, and an entire administration aiding and abetting his treason.

Over time, the chasm between us will narrow. But it will still exist – and we will be ever mindful of it for many years to come.

As the memory of the disastrous Trump ‘pResidency” fades, we will approach each other with wariness, ever mindful of how quickly citizens can be pitted against each other, and how easily corruption can be sold to the masses as business-as-usual.

We will wonder if those who’d supported Trump did so because they believed he was who he pretended to be – a successful businessman who would Make America Great Again – or because they wholly embraced his racism and bigotry. We will wonder if they voted for him out of ignorance of his true nature – or because they knew who he was and were comfortable with it. We will wonder if those who yelled lock her up or send her back were simply the ill-informed and easily-led, or if they finally felt free to voice the hatred and bigotry they’d harboured for decades, but were too ashamed to openly express.

We will never look at a Republican voter without wondering if they supported Trump’s policies because the FOX-News version of their impact sounded benign and reasonable – or because they knew the truth about children locked in cages, and truly believed that black/brown people deserved whatever terrible fate awaited them should they dare to seek a better life in a country meant for ‘whites only’.

We will never again hear the words of an elected Republican without suspicion, even those who demonstrate a willingness to work ‘across the aisle’ for the good of the citizenry – because we will forever be sceptical of their ability to stand their ground when their party leaders beckon them to abandon their principles and put party over country, and political power over the betterment of the people they are meant to serve.

I do believe that there are good Republicans, and I believe that some of them will be deservedly elected to office. But the past three years have taught us how easily ‘good people’ can be manipulated, through fear and intimidation, into going-along-to-get-along, into accepting the unacceptable, into defending the indefensible for political influence and/or personal gain.

After years of lies, deceit, power-grabs, dark money, and the suppression of our rights at the hands of a party willing to betray their own countrymen, we can never go back to fully trusting that party or its adherents. We can never again look at them without remembering just how untrustworthy they’ve now proven themselves to be.

Perhaps some day we will again be able to stand united, two parties whose ideologies are different, but whose goals are the same. Perhaps we will once again be able to shake the hand of a Republican without checking to make sure their other hand isn’t gripping the knife they plan to use to stab us in the back. Perhaps someday the painful lesson will be learned about putting one’s faith in self-serving con-men, and the hypocritical ‘Christian leaders’ who shepherd their flocks to the voting booth in exchange for money and their own political influence.

Perhaps one day the truth will again be recognized for what it is, a day when facts are facts and not a matter of opinion, a day when civility and respect are the norm and not an aberration.

But that day is in the distant future, and will only dawn when people of courage and good character fight for it, and refuse to accept anything less.

This is the legacy of Trump and his followers: a nation that will lick its wounds and try to heal, but will wear its scars for decades to come.

**** them. I say Kill Them All. Let their god sort them out.

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1. trump judges will trash the country for decades after he is gone. may need to impeach some of those as well

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3. Nance, sorry to say I will not wonder about Republicans in the future

As Maya Angelou said, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."

This should also apply to their actions. Republicans have now shown us who they are by their words and their actions. Although many have said it out loud, more have kept quiet thus showing the world how they are complicit in the crimes of their cult leader.

I have some acquaintances who are Republican and have not been able to make myself contact them since we got home three weeks ago. I tell myself it is so I won't gloat that their "chosen one" is now being found out but in truth I realize that it is more that I am worried that they will not recognize that he is a crook. They only listen to Fox News so I am sure they are getting a distorted view of the proceedings. Even if they read or heard something from outside their self inflicted bubble, they wouldn't believe it.

Although I enjoy their company since we have many interests in common, I can no longer relax in their presence and cannot enjoy their company.

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Re: [b]There Can Be No Peace[/b]
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 04:23:53 AM »
Once Trump leaves office everybody will magically wake up love socialism, despite its miserable murderous history.

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Re: [b]There Can Be No Peace[/b]
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2019, 08:33:00 AM »
To how many US Hate-Trump rallies has NG dragged her carcass? How many Trump Administration officials has NG harassed in public at the risk of an unpleasant of vigorous rebuff? How many Trump voters has NG harassed in public at the risk of an unpleasant of vigorous rebuff?

NoGood NanceGregg is just a repetitively spirituously verbose poser.
Facts don't matter to DUpipo

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Re: [b]There Can Be No Peace[/b]
« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2019, 11:14:55 PM »
She is such a moron. As long as libs insist that gov't having ever increasing control over people's lives is desirable and that traditional moral values are old and outdated and are to be disregarded, then why should any free people simply throw up their hands and "return to usual"? Modern-day liberals are the embodiment of deceit, lies, power grabs, dark money, and the suppression of our rights to that of outside influences as they have been for decades now. Conservatives are fighting the same fight we've been waging for decades; the desire of the political left to entomb us under the auspices of a one-world gov't and that of the lowest common denominator; the collective over the individual; the divine right of kings with "god" being the jackbooted State. Nope, not willing to ever forget just who the Nance's of the world are and what they want.

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Because third world peasant labor is a good thing.

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Re: [b]There Can Be No Peace[/b]
« Reply #4 on: December 06, 2019, 07:35:21 PM »
I fully agree, there can be no peace with people that are totalitarian fascists.

That is why I have prepared for war.

These people are crazy and think they are angels above mere mortals. They are dangerous.

If you get a chance read some history books about 1932-1938 Germany during Hitler's accession.  You will find an eerie similarity to the tactics and strategy of the NAZIs and the current democrat party.
The NAZI Brown Shirts (the NAZI terrorist wing) would destroy those opposing them. They would destroy their property, their businesses, their personal reputations while the police did nothing to stop the carnage.  Just like the Democrat shock troops ANTIFA does while police do nothing. The Brown Shirts would go after and destroy and intimidate any news organization and reporters that opposed them, just like the democrat media does.

It is almost identical and with the same exact goal of absolute power and control.  Seriously the democrat party of the 2000s is the NAZI party of the 1930s.  The difference is that we watched what happen and I for one, along with tens of millions of fellow Americans will take action before it goes very much farther.

There. Will. Be. No. Peace.

No matter how hard decent and civilized people try to bring peace.
TRUMP 2017-2024 MAGA

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Re: [b]There Can Be No Peace[/b]
« Reply #5 on: Today at 01:55:40 AM »
>NanceGreggs (25,033 posts) There Can Be No Peace...

Then get off your lazy Canadian muffin and come on down for the next American Patriot party.  You will most likely find peace.
Your kind of idiocy is rare and will not be missed.