Author Topic: Trump Wants To Bring Accused War Criminals Up On Stage At His Rallies And RNC  (Read 356 times)

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Report: Trump Wants To Bring Accused War Criminals Up On Stage At His Rallies And RNC

Report: Trump Wants To Bring Accused War Criminals Up On Stage At His Rallies And RNC
By Cristina Cabrera
November 26, 2019 11:23 a.m.

President Donald Trump has reportedly floated bringing the three accused war criminals he pardoned recently, including Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, up on the stage of his campaign rallies and even the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Two unnamed sources told the Daily Beast on Monday that Trump has mentioned potentially creating special roles for Gallagher, Clint Lorance and Matthew Golsteyn in his 2020 reelection campaign after having pardoned their war crime convictions on November 15.

“He briefly discussed making it a big deal at the convention,” one of the sources said.

Trump reportedly compared doing so to the 2016 RNC, where “on-stage heroes” were brought out.


AND we are back to the leftists hating the Military...

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1. How does anyone associated with the military even think about supporting this fake tough-guy asshole???


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2. "Convicted" - why do they always use "accused"?


Miguelito Loveless (310 posts)

3. Nice to know who will be running his extermination camps when they are set up.

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4. Of course he does

I’m sure there’s an element in the military that likes this crap but I think the majority will be appalled.


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6. Racists love that junk. Gallagher murdered Muslim children, so he's a hero to Deplorables.

Gallagher was acquitted on six of seven charges on July 2, 2019; the jury found him guilty of the seventh charge, of "wrongfully pos[ing] for an unofficial picture with a human casualty"

The jury gave Gallagher, who had already served the maximum prison time for this charge, a demotion from Chief Petty Officer (E-7) to Petty Officer First Class (E-6); this was lighter than other potential punishments, such as an other than honorable discharge (OTH), which were not handed down.

He was the subject in an investigation of the shooting of a young girl in Afghanistan in 2010, but was cleared of wrongdoing in it.

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8. Of course...

...because that would be so much better than inviting Purple Heart Vets, Gold Star Parents, Disabled Vets...or, is it because only the criminals would accept the offer?

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AND we are back to the leftists hating the Military...

That didn't take long.  Are you surprised?
Biden is an illegitimate President.  Change my mind.

Police lives matter.

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64.I'd almost be willing to get a job in order to participate in

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President Donald Trump has reportedly floated ...

Is TPM referring to annoymorous sources? Or to their own fabrications?

Progs have been accusing Trump of treason, racism, antisemitism, and fascism for 4 years or more, so maybe he's underwhelmed by the accusations against these soldiers.

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The same group who praises sickos like Bradley Manning and Bowe Bergdahl. That's our DUmp!