Author Topic: It's bigger than the "dirt on Joe Biden". Kentuck  (Read 190 times)

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It's bigger than the "dirt on Joe Biden". Kentuck
« on: November 25, 2019, 07:59:59 AM »
kentuck (94,559 posts)

It's bigger than the "dirt on Joe Biden".

Although that may have been a side benefit for Donald Trump's re-election, it was not the main goal in Ukraine, in my opinion.

The main goal is one that benefits Vladimir Putin. Just as it has been since Donald Trump's first day in office.

Why did Trump withhold the money from the Ukrainians? Who does that benefit? What did it have to do with Joe Biden? Was he attempting to get the leader of Ukraine to go on CNN and say that they were investigating Hunter Biden, and by insinuation, Joe Biden?

At the same time, Trump was negotiating with Kelenskiy for a trip to the White House. It would be very important if the US showed its support for Ukraine in such a way. So far, he still has not been invited to the White House?

Was Trump requested by Putin not to deploy the Javelin anti-tank missiles anywhere near the Donbass region? Is that why the Trump Administration agreed to keep the anti-tank missiles hundreds of miles from the tanks?

It does appear that Putin knows Trump's every move? Why is that?

RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!!!!!45R4545  :whatever:

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Re: It's bigger than the "dirt on Joe Biden". Kentuck
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