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How to "improve" a system that has worked for nearly 2-1/2 centuries, DUpipo version:
Atticus (6,531 posts)

When Trump is gone, the dust has begun to settle and repairs to our system are

underway, perhaps some thought should be given to the re-fashioning of the entire impeachment process to make it more "workable" in a world in which effects follow causes in minutes, not months.

Congress needs the ability to enforce its subpoenas and punish those who defy them. Some form of special court or tribunal with the ability to respond to these challenges within days, not months, seems necessary. FISA courts were created to answer a specific need not contemplated by the founders. Dealing with a POTUS determined to obstruct Congress' legitimate oversight of his or her criminal actions seems to fit into that same category.
Well, of course this presumes that there will never again be an R president . . .

CousinIT (4,098 posts)

7. We need a LOT of new laws in regards to POTUS and POTUS candidates

POTUS candidates MUST release publicly at least 5 years of tax returns to get on the ballot in any state

POTUS candidates MUST undergo a complete psychiatric examination once they become a candidate and if there are any diagnosis of pathological mental illness (malignant narcissism, sociopathy), they must end their bid.
(pathological = untreatable, malfunction of parts of the human brain that drugs or therapy can not change or treat)

POTUS CAN be indicted while in office

Ignoring subpoenas to appear before them must have ACTUAL, IMMEDIATE CONSEQUENCES (could be fines, jail, denial of funds or salaries)

Impeachment process should be re-designed to be more efficient in the case of a dangerous POTUS - with a concentration on retaining the republic and gov't institutions.
Yeah, I would love to see if Quid Pro Joe Biden could pass an Alzheimer's test. Or, how about Hillary? And ya think that snarky jughead wasn't a narcissist?

What goes around comes around, DUmbass. Just ask Harry Reid about how eliminating the filibuster for judicial nominees worked out.

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Atticus (6,531 posts)

When Trump is gone, the dust has begun to settle and repairs to our system are


DUpipo-grade Prog should be focused on the upcoming 2020 election, not their fantasies about 2025. :rimshot:

Remembering that the changes about which they fantasize would be applied to the fantasy Dem President who effected the changes and to all future Dem Presidents would be good as well, though I think such wisdom is beyond TDS-obsessed DUpipo.
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