Author Topic: VIDEO: Vindman Confirms that Ukraine Call Transcript Is... ACCURATE!  (Read 288 times)

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The big takeaway from the appearance of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's appearance before Congress yesterday was that he confirmed that the Ukraine call transcript is ACCURATE. His beef seems to be with his INTERPRETATION of the phone call which he seems to think might harm, get this, bi-partisan consensus on aide to Ukraine. Sorry, Col. Vindman, but that bi-partisanship on EVERYTHING sailed away a long time ago starting with Election Night 2016 when the Democrats went into "resistance" mode over anything concerning Trump.

Finally, the some liberals and the mainstream media are starting to hilariously wake up to the fact that Nancy Pelosi's formalizing of the procedures of the process of an Impeachment Inquiry (that is not really an impeachment inquiry) is just another scam.