Author Topic: "Take it or leave it" deal to the GOP,  (Read 306 times)

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"Take it or leave it" deal to the GOP,
« on: October 10, 2019, 08:31:35 PM »
Tommy_Carcetti (37,196 posts)

Proposed "Take it or leave it" deal to the GOP, since an impeachment "two-fer" won't work.

No, as much as we would relish the prospect of a President Pelosi, thinking we could take down both Trump and Pence in one fell swoop just isn't going to happen. The Republicans won't willfully cede the White House, and trying a two-fer would probably be the one way to guarantee Trump's skin gets saved, at least through 2020.

But here me out here....if the evidence against Trump continues to grow to preposterous's what I suggest we put on the table to the GOP that might get them to nix Trump.

1. After Trump is impeached by the House, Republican senators agree to remove Trump.
2. Pence--who is either tangentially involved or a really useful idiot in this mess--is allowed to succeed Trump as President, BUT.....
3. He can't issue a Ford-like pardon to Trump, AND
4. Republicans have to agree to nominate someone other than Pence for 2020.

Think about it for all sides involved, not just ours.

Democrats get to kick Trump out of office. Pence isn't removed but is relegated to a one-year lame duck presidency with a House that will likely block any agenda of his. Republicans, who have been saddled with the Trump legacy, have a chance for a fresh start in 2020 by nominating someone uninvolved in all of this mess. (Good luck trying to get the public to forget that Trump was once your guy, though.)

It just seems like a win-win for everyone involved whose name isn't Donald Trump. And seriously, screw that guy and all he's done to us.

I know we want to burn them all to the ground, but practically speaking, this might work out as the best, most realistic outcome for us.


Star Member mainstreetonce (3,875 posts)

3. I would change the part where they agree to nominate someone else

Let them nominate Pence.He could never win if Trump has been removed.
Another candidate would have a better chance.

Star Member TexasProgresive (11,063 posts)

4. Pence would continue to pack the courts with uber right wing judges.

Garrett78 (8,755 posts)

6. I want Trump to be forbidden from ever making a public statement again. No Twitter, no TV, nothing.

Tommy_Carcetti (37,196 posts)

7. He agrees to be deported and stripped of his US citizenship...

...and leaves all electronic devices behind.

Russia agrees to take him, and promptly puts him up in a one-bedroom at a Khrushchyovka in Norilsk, where he lives out the rest of his life frozen and forgotten.

Ideally I want him prosecuted, but if there's one outcome where he avoids prosecution, that would be it.

Buckeyeblue (1,529 posts)

10. I think this is in the making

I suggested it earlier today. I don't know that Pelosi being president is in our or her own best interests. Let Pence be president. I don't even care if he pardons Trump. And let Pence try to get the nomination. He won't get it.

The only other stipulation I would ask for would be no judicial nominees until 2021.

DetroitLegalBeagle (425 posts)

12. how would any of this be enforced?

You are correct in that there will not be a simultaneous impeachment of both Trump and Pence. Beyond that, there is no legal way to restrict a President's pardon power, outside of an Amendment, nor is there a way to prevent the GOP from nominating whoever they want.


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Re: "Take it or leave it" deal to the GOP,
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2019, 10:44:01 PM »
Typical democrat psychosis; this is a win-win, give me everything I want. 
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Re: "Take it or leave it" deal to the GOP,
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2019, 08:32:25 AM »
"Take It or Leave It" only work when the one offering it has the power and control to enforce it. The Dems don't and would be laughed at if they proposed one anyway.
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