Author Topic: VIDEO: Heckling Valerie Plame With a Name She Does NOT Want to Hear  (Read 219 times)

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Valerie Plame, who is now running for Congress, is one of those hyping the witch hunt against Trump based on SECOND HAND information from a supposed whistle blower. Plame knows a lot about witch hunts since she is the Poster Girl of witch hunts due to her role in the long investigation by Patrick Fitzgerald into finding the identity of the person who leaked her name to columnist Robert Novak. Fitzgerald knew the name of the perp within days of beginning his investigation but because the person turned out to be a Deep State State Department insider, Fitzgerald told the perp to keep his mouth shut so he could conduct a multi-year witch hunt.

In this video, I remind people via heckles of the name of the perp that Valerie Plame is uncomfortable hearing. Tough luck. Whenever I see her appear in the news, I will continue heckling with that same name. I hope people in the congressional district in New Mexico where she is running do the  same or perhaps even ask her about that name.