Author Topic: VIDEO: Mark Fuhrman MUST Lead Jeffrey Epstein 'Suicide' Investigation  (Read 9341 times)

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Brian Craig, co-host of the Steve Kane radio show, came up with a brilliant idea this morning about who should lead the investigation into the "suicide" of Jeffrey Epstein: Mark Fuhrman. Since few would trust an investigation by an FBI that has been compromised by the likes of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, the one person the public would trust to conduct an honest investigation would be Mark Fuhrman.

Please be sure to check out the full Steve Kane show at the link below especially starting a little after the 4:30 mark when co-host Brian Craig discusses what investigators (hopefully Mark Fuhrman) should look into as to the circumstances surrounding the Epstein "suicide." I also recommend that you check out the Steve Kane show tomorrow and in the days to come because I am sure this Epstein "suicide" will be discussed in more detail.

The Steve Kane show is broadcast on 1470 WWNN AM radio from 6 to 9 AM EDT weekdays and is also available live on iHeartRadio, YouTube, and via Alexa.

If you are interested in finding out what happened concerning the Jeffrey Epstein "suicide," please spread the word on the Web and on social media that Mark Fuhrman MUST be appointed to lead the investigation.

Please spread the word: Mark Fuhrman MUST be appointed to lead an independent investigation of the Jeffrey Epstein "suicide." People with good reason have no reason to trust an investigation by the feds nowadays.

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Re: VIDEO: Mark Fuhrman MUST Lead Jeffrey Epstein 'Suicide' Investigation
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2019, 10:55:24 PM »
This is as good place as any to discuss where we are individually with this right now.

My initial reaction was that Epstein did himself in because he enjoyed the jet setting life and hanging out with wealthy and important people, and he'd rather be dead than spend his life behind bars. That still tends to be the way I lean on this. Sometimes the obvious answer is the answer, and to me this is the most obvious.

Having said that, it would not surprise me in the least if he were still alive and this is all a cover-up. It also would not surprise me if he were murdered. Virtually anything is possible.

They keep saying he has (had?) all this blackmail evidence in order to protect himself. But if you really had that, would you advertise it for the world to know? Wouldn't it be better to keep your clientele guessing whether you had the goods on them or not? Seems to me that would be the better insurance policy.

I also keep coming back to who would have the most to lose from the names of his clients being discovered. Some say the Clintons, and there's a mention of a Senator, and some other world dignitaries. The one that keeps coming to mind to me is Prince Andrew. I realize the British royal family no longer holds absolute power, but it's quite important to them to keep their image as clean as possible as they still figuratively represent the British Empire. And they have come out and flatly denied that Andrew has done anything that has been claimed. If evidence were to appear making that not the case...... Big embarrassment. Would their be a plurality of people who would kill and coverup for the House of Windsor and to protect "the brand"? You bet they would.

I still think chances are it is what it seems. But at this point, nothing would surprise me.

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