Author Topic: White Separatists Protest in Jena, La. (Against MLK holiday)  (Read 1313 times)

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White Separatists Protest in Jena, La. (Against MLK holiday)
« on: January 21, 2008, 09:09:28 PM »

White Separatists Protest in Jena, La. (Against MLK holiday)
Posted by bluestateguy on Mon Jan-21-08 07:39 PM

JENA, La. (AP) — About 50 white separatists protested the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday Monday in this tiny town, which was thrust into the spotlight months ago by 20,000 demonstrators who claimed prosecutors discriminated against blacks.


Acting LaSalle Parish Sheriff Scott Franklin told a father and son from Tioga, about 30 miles from Jena, to put away two shotguns. Franklin allowed them to continue to wear holstered sidearms, but Jena Police Chief Paul Smith told David Dupre Jr. and his father that they would have to put away all weapons during the march, under Louisiana law.

"I'm here to protest black-on-white crime," David Dupre Sr., 53, told reporters.

His 31-year-old son, at times using racial slurs, said: "It's time for us white folks to start getting some of our rights back."


Ignorant, bigotted, hateful and proud of it...
Posted by salin on Mon Jan-21-08 07:41 PM


Complete with the Confederate flag
Posted by malaise on Mon Jan-21-08 07:42 PM


We should've let them go.
Posted by FiveGoodMen on Mon Jan-21-08 08:07 PM

Then we should have accepted any minority fleeing from there and given them automatic citizenship.

Then we should have refused all trade with the Confederate states.

I know there are plenty of good people in the South. But, taken as whole ... well, many of them still call the Civil War the "War of Northern Aggression." Many of them are still fighting it.

We should've let them go. 

White Folks getting their rights back?
Posted by MikeNearMcChord on Mon Jan-21-08 07:55 PM

And what pray tell are they? Lynching? Kidnap and flogging? Slavery? Jesus where do they find these morans?

They are your countrymen
Posted by Thothmes on Mon Jan-21-08 08:28 PM

Sadly, yes. Hate is the only motivator to their miserable lives.
Posted by MikeNearMcChord on Mon Jan-21-08 08:31 PM

Pot meet kettle, eh slapnuts?  :mental:
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