Author Topic: 3 arrested in Tulane dorm room arson fire of YAL-member students  (Read 408 times)

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3 arrested in Tulane dorm room arson fire of YAL-member students

Tulane campus police have arrested three suspects, two men and one woman, in the arson fire at the dorm room door of two university students whose personal information had been spread online revealing their participation in a libertarian youth organization.

Robert Money, 21, David Shelton, 20, and Naima Okami, 20, will be facing counts of aggravated arson, according to Blake Arcuri, the general counsel of the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana. It's unclear how the police identified the three individuals.

The fire reportedly happened on Saturday at 12:20 a.m., when sophomore Peyton Lofton, 20, says he received a text from his roommate and best friend, Jackson Arnold, 20, that their dorm room was on fire.

Peyton Lofton was targeted because of he is a member of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).
It isn't clear what motivated the attack, but Lofton says it's possible the dorm room was targeted as a result of him being doxed a few days earlier for being a member of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), a student political organization. Doxing is where someone posts personal information for others to find.

On March 17, the Twitter account associated with the handle, @YALexposed, posted a screenshot of his Facebook and mentioned he was a Tulane student. The screenshot read "Tulane's own Peyton Lofton seems to like YAL's offensive Facebook page."

David Shelton, Naima Okami, and David Shelton

Those idiots could of set the whole dorm on fire.
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